Stimulus Check and Child Support: Can you still get a stimulus check if you owe child support?

Let’s consider the Stimulus Check and Child Support. Questions have been asked without answers, some include; I owe a child support fee; will my stimulus check be on hold? With individuals receiving stimulus checks, questions are tabled regarding of the stimulus payments. But, the answer to those questions depends on your situation. Read more on this article to get the basics of Stimulus Check and Child Support.

Stimulus Check and Child Support

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Stimulus Check and Child Support

Citizens who are current and active on their child support payments, then their stimulus check will not be on hold. Issues may persist if you owe a child support arrears. By arrears, I refer to money that is owed and ought to have been previously paid off. If you are in this situation, then; Yes, your stimulus check can be placed on hold, otherwise seized. The amount you are due for will be removed and the remainder will be sent to you as benefits.

Stimulus Check

A stimulus check package is a package of economic measures put together by the government to stimulate a struggling society and economy. Its aims and objectives are to reinvigorate the economy and prevent/eradicate the economy recession by boosting employment and spending.

Key Takeaways

  • It is intended to stimulate the economy by assisting taxpayers with money.
  • Stimulus check helps boost consumption and drive revenues.
  • Stimulus checks is sent by the United States government to taxpayers in order to boost their spending power and spur the activities of the economy.
  • It is either mailed to taxpayers or equivalent tax credit is applied to their tax filing.
  • Eligible individuals are to receive a check amount between $300 and $600.
  • Joint filers otherwise married individuals can receive between $600 and $1,200.
  • A household with eligible children earns an additional $300 for each qualifying child.

Child Support

The Child Support Service agencies make provision of child-related service. They offer services and functions which include providing assistance by creating and reviewing support orders for the purpose of ensuring fairness and adequacy of a child support payment amount. They also establish paternity and identification of parents. Child support service is also referred to as a division of the Department of Health and Services that offers custodial parents with aids and assistance in child care matters. It helps to establish as well as enforce child support orders that have already been issued through the court system.

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Functions of Child Support Service

Below are the functions the child support service renders as an organization:

  • It enforces support payments.
  • Assist review child support orders that require modification.
  • Establish paternity and identification of parents.
  • It helps locate non-custodial parents who ought to be paying child support.
  • Assists with creating and reviewing support orders for the purpose of ensuring fair and adequate child support payment amounts.

Not to be excluded, some child support service departments provide electronic services online.

Can you still get a stimulus check if you owe child support?

Allowance of the use of stimulus check package to pay a child support check money is generally not subject to reduction to pay back taxes or other debts owed t the federal or state government. However, if you owe a child support fee, the IRS can use the money to pay arrears.

The IRS will be sending stimulus check payments to about thousands of individuals whose partly payment was diverted to pay their spouse past due child support. Payment will be issued after the election period.

IRS means The Internal Revenue Service.

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