5 Steps to take if your Card is Declined – Reasons why your Card Might get Declined

In this article, I am going to show you five steps to take if your card is declined. If you have been using a credit or a debit card and you have not experienced that message that says declined that means you have not used a card before. Every now or then users of credit or debit cards usually find that message that says declined annoying.

5 Steps to take if your Card is Declined

With a debit or a credit card, they are various reasons that your card might be declined and we are going to be listing some of them in this article. Not only am I going to be showing you the reasons why your card the declined will also going to show you this solution to the problem and have to work around it.

5 Steps to Take if your Card is Declined

As I mentioned above there are a number of reasons that your credit or debit card might be declined ever there are a number of steps you can also take to ensure the card is working again. After a long day and you are standing in the cash register and your card was declined it is usually frustrating but you can work around it. All you need to do it will simply follow these five steps I have listed so that the situation can be resolved.

Do not Panic

The first step towards solving a problem is usually not to panic because panicking does not solve any problem it will only make you get more frustrated. So the first step is to stay calm and not panic so that you can see plenty of the next steps to take to solve the problem which I am going to be listing below for you to see.

So both you and your cashier need to stay calm and not panic so that you can think of the next step in solving this problem that just arises.

Review the Information

Now that you are coming it is now time for you to review the information that you entered or the cashier entered into the online portal to make the payment. Because you are dealing with numbers it is very easy to miss a number so make sure you review the information if they are correct. If the information is correct then it is now time to move to the next step.

Check your Card Expiry Date

One of the most common reasons why most transactions are declined is as a result of an expired Credit or debit card. Once a particular card has passed the expiry date that car is no longer valid and cannot be used for any form of payment online or offline. This takes most people on our way so you might want to check the expiry date of your card. If the card is expired you might have received a new one already so check your me when you get home.

Contact your Cards Customer Care Service

If your card is not expired then the next thing for you to do it will simply contact your card’s customer care service. The customer care number is usually located at the back of the card or you need to do it will simply place a call through and following the voice prompts so that your call might be taken by a customer care representative. What are they have taken your call you can simply complain to them.

Finally, work with your card Provider to Resolve the Issue

For the issue to be resolved both parties have a role to play. So you should see the work with your credit card or debit card provider so that the situation is resolved as soon as possible. If you do not work with your credit card provider is aggression might not be resolved because there might be some things you need to do so that issue will be resolved.

Reasons why your Card Might get Declined

There are so many reasons why a particular Credit or debit card might get declined as the point of payment. The following are some of the reasons why your card might get declined:

  • When your card has expired it’s we get the climb.
  • If you are over the credit limit on your credit card.
  • When the car issue sees suspicious activities that might or might not be a sign of fraud.
  • Other businesses such as a hotel or car rentals place a block on your credit card.
  • When you are behind on your credit card payments.
  • Your account might have been closed for a wide variety of reasons.

These and more are some of the reasons why your credit card might be showing declined when you are about to make an e-transaction.

How to Prevent your Credit Card from Getting Declined

They are a wide variety of ways that you can use in preventing your credit card from getting declined whenever you are about to make a transaction. They are as listed as follows:

  • Set up credit card limit notifications on your card.
  • Update all your card information.
  • Carry a different type of backup payment method.
  • You can also decide to set up a travel alert on your card.
  • Set up automatic payments so that you will not fall behind in your payments

If you follow the above-listed preventive measures your card is rarely going to get declined when you are making transactions.


How do I respond to a declined credit card?

The best way to respond when your card gets declined is not to panic because if you panic you will not be able to take in the understanding necessary to resolve the issue. Therefore you should not panic and still come so that you can follow all the other steps. The steps to take to resolve it declined card issue are listed in this article.

What happens if a transaction is declined?

When a debit or a credit card transaction is declined it only means one thing which is that the credit institution that issued the card did not approve the transaction. They might not approve the transaction for a wide variety of reasons some of which are listed in this article.

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