Step on How to Use Fire Extinguisher – How to Select the Right Fire Extinguisher

In this article, I will be showing you steps by steps on how to use a fire extinguisher. It’s good we all have at least one fire extinguisher somewhere in our home.

However, it not just having it at home. If there is a fire, your safety and the safety of your home depend on knowing how to use it correctly.

Step On How To Use Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency issues.

It can be in the office also, in case of emergency. An employee who has been chosen to use fire extinguishers as part of the emergency action plan must be trained on how to use the fire extinguishers appropriately in the workplace. Scroll down to find the secret on how to use your fire extinguisher.

How To Use A Fire Extinguisher?

the first thing is to learn the pass system. For an easy-to-remember 4-step process to operating a fire extinguisher, learn the PASS system:

  • You will pull the pin while holding the extinguisher away from you to unlock the mechanism
  • Then aim low toward the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the lever slowly
  • Sweep the nozzle from the side at the base of the fire.
  • After the flames appear to be out, continue to watch the fire area to make sure it doesn’t reignite.
  • If you don’t have the chance to call the local fire department before discharging the fire extinguisher, you can do so now.
  • Once the fire is out, or if you are unable to extinguish the fire, leave the scene and find a place out of reach of the fire.

In addition, Fire extinguishers should be tested annually by a reputable contractor and tagged with the date of inspection.

How to Select the Right Fire Extinguisher

It is important to have the right tools for the job when it comes to fire extinguisher safety. Most household fires fall into one of the following categories:

  • Class A: These fires are fueled by solid combustibles like wood paper and cloth.
  • Class B: These are Flammable/combustible liquid fires such as oil or gasoline
  • Class C: These are electrical fires or fires on electrical equipment like a fuse, boxes, and appliances
  • Class K: These fires are flammable cooking media such as vegetable or animal oils and fats

Fire extinguisher labels also include symbols to indicate which types of fires the extinguisher is designed to fight. If there is a circle and a red slash through any of the symbols, that indicates that the extinguisher cannot be used to fight that type of fire.

Note that the travel distance to a fire extinguisher from any point in your building shouldn’t be more than 75 feet for ABC extinguishers and 30 feet for K extinguishers.

Common Fire Extinguisher Mistakes

It is easy to make mistakes when the time comes because we don’t have regular opportunities to practice fighting the fire. You need to have ideas on how people go wrong so that you can avoid making makatea while under pressure. Here are some of them:

  • Make sure you follow the instruction that came with your fire extinguisher. Make sure all able members of your home read and understand the instructions.
  • Don’t use the wrong type of fire extinguisher. Do not use a fire extinguisher for a class of fire that is not indicated on the label. now that label for class A fire only cannot be used on electric or grease fires. However, it is safe to use an extinguisher labelled for Class B and C fires on a Class A fire.
  • Don’t wait for your fire extinguisher to go bad before replacing them. Fire extinguishers come with an expiration date, after which the extinguishing agent is no longer effective.
  • Don’t neglect the fire extinguisher maintained and don’t forget about the exits. Make sure your fire extinguisher is in an accessible location near exterior doors.
  • Make sure everyone in your house knows where the fire extinguishers are kept in case there is an emergency.

Nevertheless, the best way to keep your home and family safe in the event of a fire is to be prepared. Make sure you get your fire extinguisher if you don’t have any.



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