Squarespace Finally Launches a Whole Set Of New Features for E-Commerce Websites – About Squarespace

Squarespace finally decides to launch a whole new set of features for E-Commerce Websites. The leading all-in-one website publishing platform, today announced the release of Squarespace Commerce, a completely integrated solution for selling physical and digital goods directly from the Squarespace platform.

Squarespace Finally Launches a Whole Set Of New Features for E-Commerce Websites


Squarespace Commerce

Squarespace Commerce is available to all existing and new Squarespace users in the United States at a specified fee per month. The flat price includes all features, imposes no additional commissions, and does not limit SKUs.

“The ability to sell goods from Squarespace has been the most consistently requested feature throughout their history. We’re thrilled to be able to release a commerce offering we’re proud of,” said Anthony Casalena, CEO and Founder of Squarespace.

“Launching Squarespace Commerce is an important step in realizing our vision to power any type of website through our platform.” he also added.

Squarespace Finally Launches a Whole Set Of New Features for E-Commerce Websites

With these new releases of features for E-Commerce Websites from Squarespace, sellers can easily add store pages to existing websites and present products in a flexible, minimal grid that can be customized using the Squarespace Style Editor.

Additionally, sellers can easily feature items for sale anywhere on their site by dragging and dropping a Product Block directly onto blog posts, pages, or sidebars, allowing for a truly editorialized commerce experience.

About Squarespace

Squarespace’s mission is to provide creative tools that power the future of the web. From designers creating the next generation of web and mobile experiences to anyone managing their own online presence for the first time, Squarespace provides elegant solutions that set new standards for online publishing.

By focusing our efforts on the fusion of design and engineering, we strive to create long-lasting products that delight and surprise our customers. Squarespace’s team of 112 is headquartered in downtown New York City.

The Major Releases of Squarespace

Below are some of the major releases of Squarespace;

  • Works with every template; Squarespace Commerce works with every Squarespace template. Click the dollar sign icon in your Website Manager to create a new product collection. Your products are presented in a flexible, minimal grid designed to fit nicely into any website.
  • Sell digital and physical goods on a single platform; Squarespace lets you sell any type of product using a single interface. Your digital goods are delivered via customized email links that expire in 24 hours from delivery.
  • 30-second merchant account signup using Stripe; They are also rumored to have partnered with Stripe to provide a painless way for you to start accepting payments immediately using Squarespace Commerce. From your Commerce area, click “Connect Stripe”, and fill out the form.
  • Simple pricing; No Squarespace-imposed transaction fees.
  • Flexible product variants & unlimited SKUs.
  • LayoutEngine integration
  • Unified inventory management. You can quickly sort items across your entire store by stock level, price, or title.
  • Coupons, taxes, shipping. Squarespace allows you to create multiple types of coupons for your store.
  • Order fulfillment interface and Printable packing slips.
  • Mailing list integration at checkout; building a loyal customer base is a crucial component of running a successful store.

Amazing right, but that’s not all. You can check out more details here.


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