Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund: Empowering Rural Communities

Are you engaged in sports activities in rural parts of New Zealand? The Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund offers financial aid to individuals and teams to cover travel expenses linked with participating in sports events and competitions.

Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund
Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund

This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the Rural Travel Fund, covering eligibility criteria, the application process, and tips for successful funding.

Overview and Objective

The objective of the Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund is to promote active sports participation and enhance access to sporting opportunities for rural communities. By providing financial support for travel expenses, the fund aims to remove barriers and ensure equal access to sports events and competitions in rural regions.


Deadline: 31 March 2024

The deadline for applying to the Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund varies based on the funding cycle. Successful applicants receive financial assistance to alleviate travel costs associated with participating in sports events and competitions in rural areas. The fund aims to break down financial barriers and ensure equitable access to sporting opportunities for rural communities.

Funding Amount

The fund is distributed nationally based on a population density formula for territorial authorities with fewer than 10 people per square kilometre. Each person receives 45 cents, with a minimum entitlement of $9,500.

Funding Criteria

To be eligible for funding, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Organizations and schools with participants aged between 5 and 19 years involved in sports for a club or school team.
  • Funding is not available for travel to regional or national events or sports competitions.
  • Individual players, coaches, and officials cannot apply for the fund.
  • Funding is not provided to cover travel costs for coaches, managers, or officials.


The Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund offers various benefits to rural communities, empowering them in multiple ways:

  • Equal Access to Sports Opportunities: The fund ensures individuals and teams from rural areas have fair access to sports events and competitions by providing financial aid for travel expenses.
  • Promotion of Physical Activity: Access to sports events and competitions encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyles among rural residents.
  • Community Engagement: Sports events serve as a platform for bringing rural communities together, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents.
  • Skill Development and Talent Identification: Sports events offer opportunities for skill enhancement and talent recognition among rural athletes.
  • Youth Development: Engaging youth in sports activities facilitates personal growth, leadership development, and positive social interactions.

Who Can Apply

Eligible Applicants: Individuals and teams residing in rural areas of New Zealand, participating in sports events or competitions, are eligible to apply for funding.

Eligibility Criteria To qualify for the Rural Travel Fund, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Rural Location: Applicants must reside in rural areas of New Zealand, as per Sport New Zealand’s guidelines.
  • Sports Participation:

Individuals and teams engaged in organized sports events or competitions are eligible for funding.

  • Financial Need: Applicants must demonstrate financial need and an inability to cover travel expenses without assistance.
  • Community Benefit: Projects funded through the Rural Travel Fund should benefit the local community and encourage active sports participation.

Ineligibility Criteria Certain factors may disqualify applicants from receiving funding:

  • Urban Residency: Individuals living in urban areas are ineligible for the Rural Travel Fund.
  • Non-Sports Activities: Travel expenses for non-sports-related events or activities are not covered by the fund.
  • Incomplete Applications: Applications lacking the required documentation or information may be deemed ineligible for funding.

Application Process

Here’s a simplified version:

  • Read the Guidelines: Take time to carefully read the guidelines on the website. This will help you understand what you need to qualify and what documents you’ll need to provide.
  • Get Your Documents Ready: Gather all the documents and information you’ll need for your application. This includes proof that you live in a rural area, details about the event you want to attend, and a budget plan.
  • Fill Out the Form: Complete the application form on the website accurately and make sure you provide all the required information.
  • Submit Your Application: Once you’ve filled out the form and gathered all your documents, submit your application online or by email. Follow the instructions on the website to ensure your application is received.

Documentation Requirements

Applicants typically need to submit the following documents:

  • Application Form: Complete the official application form provided by Sport New Zealand.
  • Proof of Residence: Provide documentation confirming rural residency in New Zealand.
  • Event Details: Include information about the sports event or competition, including dates, location, and participation details.
  • Budget Proposal: Submit a detailed budget proposal outlining expected travel expenses and funding requirements.

Tips for Successful Application

Tips for Successful Application of Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund: Empowering Rural Communities:

  • Plan Ahead: Initiate the application process early and thoroughly review all eligibility criteria and requirements.
  • Provide Details: Clearly explain the purpose of travel, including event details and expected community benefits.
  • Demonstrate Need: Provide evidence of financial need and the inability to cover travel expenses independently.
  • Engage the Community: Highlight the broader community benefits of sports event participation.

In Conclusion:

The Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund plays a crucial role in supporting sports engagement in rural communities. By providing financial assistance for travel expenses, the fund ensures that individuals and teams can participate in sports events and competitions, fostering physical activity, community involvement, and well-being across rural New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on the use of funds?

Yes, funding is not provided for travel to regional or national events or sports competitions. Additionally, individual players, coaches, and officials are ineligible to apply for the fund, and funding is not provided to assist coaches, managers, or officials with travel costs.

How can I apply for funding?

To apply for funding, visit the official website of Sport New Zealand and follow the application process outlined on the website. Make sure to review the eligibility criteria and guidelines before submitting your application.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications varies depending on the funding cycle. Applicants should check the official website for the most up-to-date information on deadlines and application timelines.

Is there a limit to the amount of funding I can receive?

The amount of funding awarded to each applicant may vary depending on the specific needs of the project and the available budget. There may be a maximum funding limit per application, so be sure to check the guidelines for details.



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