Sponsored Advertising on Facebook | How to Use Facebook Sponsored Advertising

Sponsored advertising on Facebook; how is it done? If you are on the Facebook platform with your business page, then you must have come across “Boost” on your business posts.

Sponsored Advertising on Facebook

Many small business owners, start creating their ads with Sponsored advertising on Facebook which is their very first experience with a paid social promotion. Well, I believe you clicked on this post because you want to learn more about Sponsored advertising on Facebook.

Sponsored Advertising on Facebook

Sponsored advertising is also a very strong way to reach out to many audiences on Facebook. Also, sponsored advertising can be a bit too taxing, but once you make the Ad you will know it is worth it. There are over 2 billion people using Facebook on a daily, creating well-arranged Sponsored advertising for your business on Facebook can you reach the ideal client for your business.

What is Sponsored Advertising?

Sponsored Advertising is a post on Facebook which is in between the standard post and an advertisement by a business page or fan page in order to get a large amount of popularity by promoting or boosting a post on the page. Sponsored advert appears on the news feed on users reading it. Creating a sponsored advert is more time taking than boosting posts on your Facebook business page. With sponsored adverting, adverts users can build up an objective that will adjust directly to their marketing strategies and ambitions.

Why you should Use Sponsored Adverts

According to the studies of Marketing Land, the social media platform drives about 25% of all the social referral traffic and it also refers to much more traffic than any other social network. So, customers or consumers using the Facebook platform are likely to engage with the Ads and click off.

There are over 65 million businesses using Facebook and more than 4 million are running ads campaign on Facebook, so it’s likely that your opponent has an active presence so it’s also good for you to have a presence on Facebook too. Here are some of the advantages of Sponsored Advertising:

  • It is very simple to launch.
  • It is budget-friendly for small businesses.
  • Very quick and easy to reach your audience.
  • Very great for promotions.
  • Much better engagement from your followers.
  • Increases business awareness.
  • Easy to spot in a newsfeed.

The disadvantages;

  • There is a need to pay to be able to reach more followers.
  • Small followers’ base simply means less impact and reach.
  • It only reaches those people who have liked the page and their friends.

Sponsored adverting is good especially when your page is still very new. To be able to use Sponsored adverts on the Facebook platform, you must be logged in to Facebook, and you would need to have a business page or you can simply create a one if you don’t have one.

How to Use Sponsored Advertising

If you want to use the sponsored ads you must be logged in to your Facebook account. You can use the Facebook website or you can use the Facebook mobile app if you have it installed on your device. To log in, follow the guidelines below;

  • Open the device browser and go to facebook.com or you can launch the Facebook mobile app on the device.
  • Enter your Facebook account login details which is the email address or mobile phone number and the password, then hit on “Log in”.

The Facebook account will be loaded on the device if the log in detail is correct. Then you go navigate to your page or create a new one if you don’t have one.

A Facebook business page is a very free opportunity for businesses on Facebook to increase their business or their brand awareness and make sales from there. Creating a Facebook page is very easy and fast. To create, follow the instructions below;

  • Sign in to your home page, navigate and hit on “Create”.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Page.
  • Choose the category of the page you want to create.
  • Fill out the business information on the form that will appear. Hit on Continue to create.

The page will be created, and then you would have to add a profile picture and a cover image. Invite your friends or customers to like the new page. Add additional information for the page. Add a button to the page (Book with you, Contact you, Learn more about your business, etc.)

How to set up a Paid Content on Facebook

You can set up paid content on Facebook to reach out to the people you want to reach. Follow the simple steps below;

  • On the Facebook business page hit on the “Boost Post” icon.
  • Once the “Create Audience” section display, head on to select the targeting measures and the audience you would want to reach with the advert.
  • Set up the ad budget and time.
  • And hit on “Publish” to post.

Creating Sponsored Ads

Creating Facebook Sponsored advertising is not quite easy but with the right measures, it will be easy and fast. If you want to create, follow these steps to do so;

  • Open the Facebook Ads Manager page, then on the page displayed and choose the objective.
  • Choose the Advert and the audience you wish to reach with it.
  • Set up the budget, bidding, duration, and ad placement.
  • Write the advert copy and choose a very clear image of the product.
  • Then hit on “Publish”.

The post Ad will be made public, once it has been approved by Facebook. You can monitor the ad to see the sales and visitors you get in a day.


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