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The increased growth over the last decade in machine data is partly due to the rate at which the numbers of machines in the IT infrastructure have spiked and the more users on loT devices. The machine data possess a lot of important and valuable information the leads to the efficiency, productivity, and visibility of the business. It was for this reason the was platform was created: to make sense of machine-generated log data. In this post, we will be telling you everything you need to know about Splunk.

Splunk What is

What is Splunk?

This is a platform that allows you to search analyze and visualize machine-generated data from apps, sites, devices, sensors, and more. This is what makes up your IT infrastructure and business.

If you own a machine that continuously generates data and you need an analysis of the state of that machine in real-time, spunk will do this with ease. In fact, real-time processing is the platform’s biggest selling point.

We have seen updates on storage devices and how they get better over years, the same goes with processors as they become more efficient every passing day. What about data movement? Well, it is yet to be improved and this has proven to become an issue in organizations and businesses.

What is Splunk used for?

Take a look at this – you are a SysAdmin, trying to find out what exactly went wrong in the hardware of the system then you see machine data, what will be your next step? Will you begin to look for the step the hardware failed? You might get what you are looking for but be rest assured a lot of time that will be put into other operations has failed. In a nutshell, machine data is in an unstructured format that is difficult to comprehend and not suitable for visualization and analysis.

Splunk plays a very important role here. All you need to do is send the data to Splunk where all the data will be processed and filtered and only those relevant to you will be displayed – making it easier and faster for you to identify what went wrong.

This was how Splunk started, but as of now, you can feed a very large set of data to Splunk and it would store and process these data.

Benefits of Splunk

Do you think that’s all Splunk is used for? Well no, actually that’s just the icing on the cake as Splunk offers many other benefits that will give your business the best possible solutions. Here are more benefits you get from Splunk.

  • Your input data can be in any format.
  • You can set Splunk to notify you and give alerts at the beginning of a machine state.
  • You can make accurate predictions of the resources you’d be needing to scale up the infrastructure.
  • For operational intelligence, you can create your own knowledge objects.

Here are the benefits you get from using Spunk. Once on the platform, you will discover many other benefits.

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