Sony PSP 5G – PSP 5G Release Date, Price and Specs

The development of the new Sony PSP 5G is ongoing. Sony must have course noticed the success of the Nintendo Switch. And it is an amazing console that has been joined by a Switch Lite version.

Sony PSP 5G

This article is a perfect place to learn and get more information about the 5G PSP. Though there is not much about this device, we have rounded up the leaks about it.

Sony PSP 5G

One of the explanations Sony has stayed within the smartphones business for this long is because it wants to “develop 5G technology as a competency which will be used across the Sony Group” – within the words of Sony itself – and that we can’t consider any better application of that 5G experience than in a portable handheld console.

Sony PSP

With the PlayStation 5 now released to the world, there is no reason why Sony couldn’t push out a smaller companion device. No doubt offering tight integration with this console.

It could easily tie into the PS Now game streaming service. Giving the Xbox Series X and also the Xbox Series S even more of an issue in terms of trying to grab market share from Sony.

PSP 5G Release Date

The PSP 5G could launch at any time, though we might expect a few more leaks and whispers before it’s actually unveiled for real.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the first PlayStation Portable launched at the end of 2004. And also, the PS Vita handheld launched at the end of 2011, a space of seven years. There was no new handheld in 2018, so we’re now well overdue one.

Sony PSP 5G Price

We haven’t heard anything specifically about pricing yet. But the PS Vita started at £230/$250/AU$350 all those years ago.

Perhaps an improved indication of what the PSP 5G may cost can be found within the pricing of the Nintendo Switch for £280/$300/AU$410.

We’d expect a Sony portable console to be a bit more premium in terms of its internal specs and its external materials. So, we might see something slightly above that price.

Sony PSP 5G Specs

The 5G connectivity in-game streaming techs means a lot to its users, Gamers could easily log into PS Now or stream games with a good connection directly from their PS5.

Of course, the 5G is the main spec of this device. This means that Sony will have to do away with the old Wi-Fi kind of connection.

As we all know Sony due to its expertise in electronics, ranging from screen to camera sensors. We can expect a better experience on the yet-to-be-released Sony PSP 5G.


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