Sony PlayStation 5 Teases God Of War

Are you a god of war gaming franchise fan? If you are, then I have great news for you coming all the way sooner than you expect. Sony PlayStation 5 teases god of war and god of war fans all over the world are all super-duper excited about this news. While this news may come as a surprise to many, not so many are surprised. But personally, with the introduction of the whole thing and the manner in which the sequel was teased by Sony, fans all over the world were all kept in awe and definitely can’t wait for the release of the new game. Yea, its god of war and it isn’t new, but trust me, this very one promises to bring something new to the table.

Sony PlayStation 5 Teases God Of War

Sony, the parent developers and owners of the god of war franchise announced earlier that the god of war is coming to play station 5 in 2021, sooner than expected. This sequel promises to bring something new to the table. And of course, players should be expecting to see some of the things they have been used to, but not all, and also they should be expectant of more. The play station 5 virtual showcase hosted by Sony was closed with the god of war teaser video.

A short trailer was released with absolutely no sort of gameplay. This trailer starts with the voice of Kratos, with the god of war logo on it. Kratos then further went on to say and I quote “the time grows near…you must prepare yourself.” A sign then appears again saying “Ragnarok is coming”. For the now, this is all the information that is yet to be released regarding god of war on PlayStation 5. Besides the fact that it will be coming in 2021 and the short trailer video. There is nothing else in terms of information and relevant details.

What To Expect

Players should be expecting the basics of the god of war. And they should also keep their fingers crossed on some new additions. Just like the previous sequel of the 2018 PlayStation 4, this very one will be developed by the famous Sony Santa Monica studio. The PlayStation god of war surely will pick up on the journey of Kratos and his son, Atreus as expected. The two will however continue to battle against various gods. And heroes of the Norse mythology and that is also including Thor.

Just before the release of this sequel, the coming year, here is something players should expect. Sony, the Developer Company will be including the original god of war in the newly announced PlayStation plus collection. This development will give players the ability to catch up easily with the god of war series. On the new PlayStation 5 console before the release of the new sequel.

This very sequel should be expected to blow everyone away. Remember. God of war was one of the top-selling games on PlayStation 4 when the console debuted back in April 2018. The then sequel made by a team of 300 in a space of five years. This was at the Sony Santa Monica studio, beat most game hits such as the red dead redemption 2 at various gaming awards. As of May 2019 alone, the god of war franchise has sold over 32 million copies worldwide.




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