Sonos Roam: Cheapest Speaker Ever – Sonos Roam Specs and Features

Sonos Roam is now the Cheapest Speaker Ever created by Sonos, and it might probably be the most compelling too. The Sonos has achieved something truly Amazing with its second portable Speaker, promising multi-room integration inside the house, Bluetooth stream outside it, and a much more affordable price tag. About the bottle size, Roam works as a smart speaker too with support for Amazon and Google’s voice assistants, and Sonos is hoping its acts as a gateway to users that are new as it would appeal to the ones existing and looking to expanding their system.

Sonos Roam Cheapest Speaker Ever

Sonos’ Roam Cheapest Speaker Ever

It is not Sonos’s first portable speaker, of course, but the Roam is Sonos Cheapest Speaker Ever. In late 2019, it was launched the Sonos move, which is offering both integrations with other of your home speakers and the Bluetooth functionality that is outside the house. At that particular time, it was introduced to the Auto Trueplay, a self-calibrating version of this company’s that is an automatic EQ system.

The issue is that, all that cost $399. Not outlandish for a Sonos product, no but undoubtedly premium among the majority of Bluetooth speakers. Move sounds great, and it’s super-flexible if you’re a Sonos enthusiast, but it happens to be a much tougher pitch for someone unfamiliar with the platform and who might simply shopping to purchase a mobile speaker.

Sonos’ Roam Specs and Features

This speaker also happens to take on a much bigger challenge. It has to excel as a Bluetooth speaker, but it also cannot stint on the sound quality and the functionality that the fans of Sonos would expect. It also at $169, the company’s cheapest product, not to mention its lightest. At 0.95 pounds and the 6.61-inches tall, it happens to be about a sixth of the size and weight of move.

The outside is obviously recognized as a Sonos device and, the Roam does not go overboard on “rugged” visible cladding or chunky rubber bumpers just like a lot of interesting portable speakers do. It still happens to be the IP67 water, dust, and shock-resistant, and however, meaning it’ll stand getting dropped in a pool or washed off.

Behind the honeycomb are a tweeter and an elliptical mid-woofer, making use of the custom neodymium motors. Roam play in mono, without minding where you place it, but the triangular cross-section means when it’s on its side on the desk, counter, or the floor, it should produce a sound more like the Sonos one would do, albeit with lesser power at maximum volume and it still went through the process of tuning with the Sonos Soundboard creator community, music professionals who also compared the playback via the portable speaker with how they mastered the original track that is in their studios.

Roam is also expanded to Trueplay so that I would not work only when it is on WiFi network, but during the playback too. It will tweak the EQ settings whenever you move to Roam, making use of the accelerometers to detect its orientation, although the treble can be adjusted manually on the Sonos app.

Where Move has a button that is on the back that lets you switch between the WiFi and Bluetooth modes, Roam also promises that it would handle the handover automatically. If the speaker is taken out of your Wi-Fi network, it would be switch to your Bluetooth automatically. If you return, you can choose to either stream over Bluetooth or press and hold down on the Roam’s play button in other to automatically throw” what it is playing to the speaker in the nearest house physically.

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