Sonos Acquisition Energizes New Headphone Reports

Sonos acquisition energizes new headphone reports. It’s rumored that T2 is working on new Bluetooth audio tech. Sonos has obtained the Bluetooth sound startup T2 Software, Protocol reports, adding fuel to tales that Sonos is fostering its own earphones.

Sonos Acquisition Energizes New Headphone Reports

T2 had been dealing with executions of the new Bluetooth LE Audio standard and LC3 codec, which conveys better sound quality at lower bitrates for further developed earphone battery duration.

A new LinkedIn post from Sonos VP of worldwide showcasing and correspondences Pete Pedersen proposes that a Sonos earphone sendoff might be fast approaching, as reported by the verge.

He said the organization was searching for a promoting office to assist it with sending off “another class” of item, “focusing on another crowd/customer fragment.”

Sonos Acquisition Energizes New Headphone Reports

A representative for Sonos affirmed the obtaining to Protocol. “Sometimes, we will procure groups, ability, or potentially innovation that expand our current and future item guide,” the representative said.

T2 Software was obtained by Sonos in November 2021, Protocol reports, around three years after the startup was initially established.

Sonos’ for some time supposed introduction pair of earphones could have the most to acquire from a power-proficient Bluetooth codec like LC3.

Earphones ordinarily need to make troublesome tradeoffs between bringing enormous enough batteries to the table with great battery duration and being sufficiently lightweight to wear for broadened periods.

LC3’s guarantee is that it can assist with alleviating this tradeoff with higher sound quality that requires less power.

Sonos Historically Shunned Streaming Over Bluetooth In Favor Of Wi-Fi for Its Home Speakers

To hear the sort of advantage the LC3 Codec can give, the Bluetooth SIG has an intuitive correlation accessible on its site which allows you to flip between various sound encoders and bitrates.

The device shows how LC3 sound remaining parts listenable at bitrates far lower than the standard SBC codec. Furthermore, most curiously, it takes note of that the encoded sound streams were given by “T2 Labs,” the old name of T2 Software.

Sonos generally disregarded gushing over Bluetooth for Wi-Fi for its home speakers and has just accepted Bluetooth sound all the more as of late for versatile speakers like the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam.

Sonos’ earphones will supposedly rival very good quality contenders from Sony and Bose while additionally perfectly coordinating with Sonos’ current speakers.


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