Significant Tips to Save Money When Shopping at Jumia

Significant Tips to Save Money When Shopping at Jumia

The advent of online shopping has made life easier for most people, and there is no denying that it is convenient and saves you time. However, there are times when you can end up paying too much if you don’t know what you’re doing. And then you see the same product at a discounted rate.

Significant Tips to Save Money When Shopping at Jumia

We don’t think you want to see yourself in that place again. Since Jumia is one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, and some other countries, you should know how to save money when shopping. Here are some tips that will help you grab amazing deals and save some bucks.

Find Coupon Codes Using Coupon Sites

Jumia is an online retail store with a wide variety of products from popular brands. It has been in business for over a decade and has grown to be the largest retailer in Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, and Egypt. With Jumia’s large selection of top brands at low prices, customers can enjoy the ease of shopping online.

Coupon codes are easy to find online and can save you money on your Jumia purchases. Look for Jumia voucher codes 2022 that is valid and updated regularly on various coupon sites. These vouchers will save you money on your purchases when you enter them at checkout.

Become Jumia Prime Member

As a Jumia Prime member, you can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts on products from Jumia. If you are a Prime member of Jumia, you can check your account page and look for member-exclusive deals. You can also enjoy preferential customer service and receive instant refunds if you return items.

Jumia Prime members can avail of exclusive deals from a wide range of products and services. However, you will have to check for such deals frequently so you don’t miss them. It would be best to download the Jumia mobile application so that you can have instant access to everything that Jumia offers.

Shop With Cashback Offers

You can get cashback on purchases at Jumia if you use the right promo code. Jumia offers cashback on a number of products, including mobile phones, electronics, clothes, and many other products. The best part is that you can use your credit or debit card to shop on Jumia. You can even earn points towards gift cards or discount coupons for international brands.

Cashback deals on Jumia include discounts on many popular brands. However, in order to get the cashback deals, you will have to pay when placing the order, as cashback deals are not available on the Pay on Delivery option. So, this can be a good way to save money while shopping on Jumia.

Jumia Global Festival

Jumia Global Festival is a huge sale that usually runs at the end of January or March. It features massive discounts and a wider range of items for buyers. To take advantage of this sale, follow Jumia on Facebook and Instagram for updates and exclusive offers. Jumia also promotes deals through hashtags.

In addition to this, the Jumia app will also feature exclusive deals. On regular days, you can get discount deals and voucher codes, but on festive days, you can get discounts of up to 70%. Hence, if you can wait, you can grab amazing deals in the flash sale.

Shop at the Right Time

In order to save money when shopping at Jumia, you should also pay attention to the timing of your purchase. Many people believe that the price of some products is lower on Wednesdays and in the afternoon compared to weekends and nights. Since most people shop on weekends or at night, the prices are slightly higher.

Well, this is just the belief of many buyers who have shared their experiences online. Plus, there is a chance that you can get warm clothes at a cheaper rate in the summer and vice versa. You can buy these products at discounted rates because they are not selling as well as they should. So, if you wish to save bucks when purchasing from Jumia, you should consider time as the main factor.

Thus, these are some tips that you should keep in mind when shopping at Jumia. Additionally, you can also sign up for their newsletter to be kept informed about all the latest deals.


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