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Gmail is one of the most important services offered by Google. Opening a Google account gives you access to sign in to Gmail which is the most used email service in the world. In this article, we’re going to be shedding more light into using the Gmail service, how to sign in to Gmail, and how beneficial our Gmail account is to us.

Gmail is a free emailing service owned by Google, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or whatever you may be you want to purchase something online, you find out most of the time that creating an account is important, and it is most often recommended to use Gmail, because it is easy to sign in, and you also get to enjoy some other amazing free services of Google such as Google Drive, Google Maps and the rest in a more personalized experience.

Sign Google Gmail | Benefits of having a Gmail account.

In the past, the biggest reason why people open an email service was to be able to keep in touch with their friends, colleagues, and businesses, that is still one of the major uses of Gmail, but Gmail service offer you way more than that. When you sign in to your Google Gmail account, here are some of the guaranteed benefits you get:


One thing Google takes very seriously is security. If you forgot the password to your Gmail account, Google has put in necessary steps to ensure only YOU can retrieve that account due to all the security steps you will have to take in order to recover an account and prevent anyone else from having access to an account that is not theirs.


Google lets you customize virtually every aspect of your Gmail, when you sign in, you have access to change the colors, themes, type of font, font size, and many more, this way, you can edit your Gmail account to your preference. Also, Google will seek permission from you to have access to some of your personal data such as Location, Contact, etc. to help enhance your Google performance based on your activities.

Multiple Apps, One Gmail Account

Google gives you the flexibility of having up to 5 POP email accounts in your Gmail app so that you don’t have to sign in to each email account. For example, you can have access to your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and other email services from your Gmail app and also send and receive messages from them. And this a really cool feature you are most likely to see only in Gmail.

Sign into your Gmail Account

  • Signing in to your Gmail account is fast and easy, just like many other Google services. You can sign in to your Gmail using the Gmail App if you’re using an OS other than Android (Gmail app comes built-in with Android devices). All that is needed is email and password. If you can’t remember your email address or password, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow through with the steps to recover your account.
  • You can also Click on this link to take you directly to the login page of your Gmail account.

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