Shazam – Major Casts in the Movie “Shazam” | How to Watch Shazam

Shazam is a 2019 American superhero movie that is based on the comics character of DC. This movie directed by David Sandberg, produced by the New Line Cinema and distributed by the Warner Bros talks about a teenage boy, who has the ability to take the form of an adult superhero whenever he wants to.


This part is actually played by Zachary Levi. The movie line involves young Thaddeus who argues with his father on a trip to the Rock of Eternity, which is a magical temple. From there, he gets to meet an ancient wizard known as shazam, who is referred to as the last of the seven wizards, searching for a champion, pure of heart, after the previous champion turned mad. With this fate, the seven deadly sins came upon the world.


As the movie went on, young Thaddeus became tempted by these sins, got entrapped in different statues, and is banished back to earth. Upon his time of returning, he tries to go back, but it causes a car crash and his father ends up in a crippled form. While his brother blames him for his accident.

In the city of Philadelphia, a foster kid named Billy Batson happens to search for his mother and is found in the midst of a group, with other kids. Meanwhile, the little boy, who is bitter with rejection as a little boy, actually figured out a way to return to the Rock of Eternity. He steals the Eye of Sin, which is the vessel of sins. Upon defeating the wizard, he returns to earth to kill his brother and father.

With this act, Billy is summoned by the wizard and is selected as the new champion. By calling Shazam’s name, Billy turns into a superhero in adult form. The wizard later turns to dust, leaving his staff behind. Billy is left to explore the life of his powers and magic.

Major Casts in the Movie “Shazam”

  • Zachary Levi and Asher Angel acting as Shazam/Billy Baston – This refers to an orphan boy who is selected to be the champion of eternity. He receives powers from a wizard and turns into a superhero in adult form when he calls out the wizard’s name. He becomes the new champion, who kills all the members of the council, except the wizard.

The superpowers given to this boy by the wizard include; the power of Zeus, the wisdom of Solomon, the super strength of Hercules, super stamina, courage, and speed.

  • Mark Strong acting as Doctor Thaddeus Sivana – this is a physicist who grows in the midst of a rich and well-known family. Thaddeus was first summoned by the wizard but was not selected as the new champion. This actually made Thaddeus spend his life trying to unlock the great secret to get a return back to the Rock of Eternity.
  • Djimon Hounsou acting as Shazam – This is a wizard who hunts for a new successor to take over as a champion. He later chooses Billy and grants him superpowers.

Other Casts

The movie also features other casts, such as;

  • Jack Dylan Grazer
  • Faithe Herman
  • Grace Houlton
  • Ian Chen0
  • Jovan Armand
  • Marta Milans and
  • Cooper Andrews.

How to Watch Shazam

This movie is currently available on most download sites. You can visit any of those sites to download and watch the movie. A great recommendation is Tfpdl.

Review on Shazam

David Sandberg directs this amazing movie by New Line Cinema known as Shazam! It is a story that features the life of a superhero. Everyone has a superhero from the inside, it has a bit of magic to make it work out. In Billy’s situation, he has to call on Shazam, and it all comes out! This reveals the adult form of this young boy. It is amazing to know what a young teenager can do with these amazing superpowers.

Join Billy as he gets to explore and discovers his superpowers, and how he uses them to save the world. You are definitely going to find a true adventure on this one. Let’s get started.


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