Send & Schedule Mass Email – How To Send And Schedule A Mass Email On Gmail

Do you know that you can now send and schedule mass email? Like now, users and marketers making use of the mass emailing feature of various emailing platforms and services can now send and schedule mass emails. If you are a marketer out there or a person making use of an emailing platform for personal reasons or business reasons then you need to read this article as I will be shelling out lots of informative and useful pieces in the duration of this content and article. For a better understanding of what this article is all about, do you know what mass email is or what it means to send mass emails? Continue reading to find out.

Send And Schedule Mass Email

Send And Schedule Mass Email

What is a mass email or what are mass emails? Mass emails are emails sent enmass. Well, maybe that definition is too complex for you. Here is a simpler definition and an explanation. A mass email is a feature that lets users send a bulky or a large number of emails to many recipients at a time. Well if you are new to this feature or you are just hearing about it for the first time, I know that you may have lots of questions. Like when I first had a run-in with this feature I was overwhelmed.

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I mean how it was possible to send a large number of emails all at the same time to a large number of recipients. I mean I have made use of email services such as Google mail or Gmail, yahoo mail, outlook and so much more, but I have never taken out time to vie or study other useful features. And since I got to know about the mass emailing feature it has been one of my favorite features as it lets me multi-task and in the process letting me save both time and resources.

Now that you know what mass email is and what it stands for, what does it mean to send and schedule mass email? Well, this one is very easy. In fact, it is a self-explanatory one. Mass emailing in some emailing services is a stand-alone feature and platform. And this feature also has its own features that make it very effective. One of the most important sub-features of the mass email feature is the ability of users to send and schedule mass email. This feature lets users set emails to be sent at a particular time. This feature is one of the most important and most used features of mass emailing services. If you are a digital promoter, and you haven’t made use of this feature already, it is time you reconsider as this feature will prove its worth to you in no distant time.


What is Gmass? Gmass is an email marketing service inside Gmail this mass emailing tool I not the first of its kind but rather it is in fact one of the most recent mass email marketing tools. But do you know that since its inception that tool has grown to be so very popular at an alarming rate? If you are using the Gmass tool, then you would understand what I mean. If on the other hand, you don’t understand what I mean by the latter, it simply means that it is time you start making use of it. This tool has got a five-star review from over 100, 000 user’s already making use of it.

With the Gmass emailing tool, there is only so much a user can do. You can use it to send mail merge campaigns also with automatic follow-up emails. You can also connect to Google sheets using this tool. What else can you do with this emailing tool?  Well, you can personalize, schedule, track opens, and also clicks. One of the most effective features of this tool however is the ability for its users to schedule and set automatic emails set to be sent sequentially until you get a reply.

With Gmass you can personalize your marketing campaign and get analytics reports. Also, there is also the scheduling feature which this article is all about, surpass Gmail’s sending limit, automatic follow up emails and so much more. To learn more about this tool, go to GMass.

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How To Send And Schedule A Mass Email On Gmail

Sending and scheduling a mass email on Gmail is easy, but it will only be easy when you know how to go about it. To schedule a mass email on Gmass, follow the steps below;

  • Login into your Gmail account.
  • Start composing a mass email and click on the Gmass arrow. This action will open the Gmass settings box.
  • From this settings menu, you can choose from a list of pre-configured future times or you can just enter a custom time and date for your mass email.

Note that the time on your Gmail account and device will be set to your local time zone and that is why you will need to change it. After you have selected your preferred time and date click on the Gmass button to schedule your email. When the time you scheduled has reached, your emails will be sent successfully. However if you would love to change the time or you want to send a scheduled email now, all you have to do is locate the said email in your drafts folder and alter the time. After a scheduled email has been sent, it will be deleted from your account.

Mass Email Outlook

Just like Gmail, users can also send mass emails via their outlook account, but of course you will also have your limits. As you already know what mass email is the ability or act of sending a large number of a single message to a large number of contacts and addresses. In a bid in not taking any more of your time, I will be directing you on how you can send mas emails in outlook and they are;

  • Open the word document and compose your email.
  • Open the mailings ribbon when you are done composing.
  • Locate the start mail merge menu and click on it and then on e-mail messages in the drop-down menu.
  • Next, click on select recipients and select from three options and they are;
    • Type a new list
    • Use an existing list.
    • Choose from outlook contacts
  • After selecting your recipients click on the finish and merge button.
  • Click on send email messages.
  • You will see a merge to email pop up box, enter a subject line for the email and click on OK.

That’s it! Easy right. To get desired results, follow the steps above correctly.

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