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Do you know that Facebook and Messenger users can now send and receive money on messenger using PayPal? Facebook and Messenger users can now send and receive money using various means including PayPal. Well, this development is in lieu of Facebook’s policy of making users spend more time on the platform. Spending time on Facebook or any of its products is not really the goal here for the platform. But the goal however is for users and visitors on the platform to spend quality time or in other words, get value for their time spent on it. In this article, I will be hitting the nail on the head in the sense that I will be going straight to the point and guiding you on how to send and receive money on messenger via PayPal.

Send And Receive Money On Messenger Using PayPal

Send And Receive Money On Messenger Using PayPal

I doubt that most Facebook and messenger know that they can even send and receive money on the platform. Well, this is true and now both platforms and companies have partnered together in making payments seamless for users. According to a report on TechCrunch. Both companies announced last year about a deepened relationship that will see customers shop from online merchants in Facebook messenger using the chatbots. The partnership will also see users link their PayPal accounts with messenger. And in the process making users receive notifications and receipts from their online transactions with the messenger.

Since this development to this day over 2 million users have linked their PayPal accounts to messenger. Well, it will only take time, a short time for this number to rise above what it is today. PayPal users can now pay their friends using messenger right inside the platform. This development will see a huge shift in PayPal’s peer to peer payment volume of $80 billion to the official Facebook’s messaging app. You might be wondering as to what happened to Facebook’s own payment system.

Well if you are, you have every right to be. This is because at first when Facebook pay, the Facebook payment system was launched. It was thought to be a direct competitor to PayPal at the likes of it. This new development will, therefore, see a drop in the usage of Facebook pay, no doubt. Well, for clarity purposes, this payment method is not the only payment option available on the platform, as it is only an option, a popular one at that.

How To Access PayPal Payment Option Via Facebook Messenger

This payment method or messenger feature is only available to the United States of America. Any other region different from this one will not be able to access it. Although Facebook Messenger and PayPal can be accessed in various regions across the globe, only users of both platforms in the US can make integrated them.

If on the other hand you are based in the US and you would love to use this payment option in checking out or paying friends. You will need to have a Facebook or Messenger account. If you don’t have one, you will need to create one now which is free of course. You can also set it’s your default payment method for a simpler and quicker means of doing business.

How To Use PayPal As A Payment Option On Messenger

Just as I have explained already in this article, you will need to have a PayPal, messenger, or Facebook account before you can start making use of this feature. If you don’t have one, visit both platforms and set up an account now. But however, if you already have an account on both platforms, you can start choosing PayPal as a payment option n messenger as long as you are based in the US. To do this,

  • Open the messenger app and tap on the plus icon.
  • Tap on the green payments button to send or receive money.
  • Next, you will have to select PayPal when making payments.

When you follow the stipulated steps above correctly you will have no issue in sending and receiving money on messenger via PayPal.


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