Security Tips for Your Homes – Start With The Doors

Security Tips for Your Homes. Decorating your new home isn‘t as important as setting up security measures. In the UK the rate at which burglars strike is alarming, burglars strike every 30 seconds, so home security should be a top priority. To help combat insecurity, here are simple things you should do right away to secure your new home.

Security Tips for Your Homes

Start With The Doors

The door is the fist step to access your home. Don’t help a burglar stroll in through the front door (some of them do!). Make sure the door frames of your exterior doors are strong, the hinges are protected, and it is very necessary to make sure that people can‘t reach in through the mail slot of your door if it has one.

If you’re moving into a new residence previously occupied by someone, make sure you change the door locks. That way, you won’t have strangers out there with a key to your house, and make sure you have very good locks.

Make Sure the Windows are Locked

Windows are “a common entry point for criminals” According to theft expert Dr Ben Stickle. And may be left shut but unlocked by the previous homeowner. Plus, manufacturer latches on windows aren’t always effective and sometimes they’re downright flimsy.

Make sure your window latches are in good shape, But you don’t have to stop there.

We have some other good ideas to help make your windows burglar-proof.

  • Reinforce glass with window security film.
  • Install window or glass break sensors.
  • Add window bars
  • Plant prickly bushes under first-floor windows (but be sure to keep them trimmed).

Use lights

Robbers, vandals, burglars, and other criminals don’t like to be in the spotlight. Keep them at bay by using ample outdoor lighting. Place lights around your front and back yards, along pathways, and near the garage and other outdoor structures. Apart from making intruders skittish, you’ll also cut down your risk of a stumble on your way up the front steps.

Below are tips to use in this regard.

  • Use motion activated lights.
  • To save energy, use solar powered lights.
  • Use a smart outlet to put outdoor lights on a timer.
  • Set up schedules withsmart light bulbs.

Set up a Security System

The need to have a security system in your home cannot be over emphasized. Today there are plenty of security options for the home, for every budget and every level of protection

Dr. Stickle recommends evaluating the needs of your neighbourhood and your house. “Once you know the likely risks,” he explains, “evaluate your home to see what is needed to protect it.”

You can contact your local police department for neighbourhood crime statistics and help doing a home security evaluation of your home.​

Also, protect your garage

The garage of your home is a popular target for criminals. Often because you have so many good stuff stored there. Make sure that all doors to the garage are properly locked both interior and exterior.

keep your garage door opener in the house. That way, a burglar can’t grab it out of your car. And if you use a security code to open the garage, make sure you keep it secret and never enter it in front of delivery people, neighbours, or anyone other person.

Below are some easy tips to safeguard your garage.

  • Use a smart garage door opener.
  • Cover windows to hide the goodies inside.
  • Secure garage doors with extra locks.
  • Use home automation and never leave the garage door open again.
  • Install a driveway alarm system.

Secure Your Wifi Network

 Your wifi network is a source of your personnal and financial information, and it can also make your house vulnerable to break-in if you use home automation. Your wifi network could give criminals direct access to your home if it is connected to smart home gadgets.

To keep hackers off your network, use the tips below.

  • Secure your wireless router.
  • Enable WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 encryption.
  • Rename and hide your home network.
  • Use a firewall.
  • Install antivirus and anti malware protection.
  • Create strong passwords.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Trim down trees and plants close to your home that could be used for cover. Keep smaller flowers and bushes instead. If you have trees near windows, you can either remove them or reinforce those windows with extra security.

Use the following tips to keep your house well guarded:

  • Always put away stools and ladders.
  • Lock gates, sheds, and other outdoor buildings.
  • Don’t tempt thieves by leaving pricey goods on display in the yard.
  • Add security signs and stickers even if you don’t have a security system.

Use Security Cameras

This is one home security solution that works as both a deterrent and a means to get justice. You can get security cameras that are part of a complete home security system, or you can use cameras that work on their own.

Its best to use security cameras with a mobile app, so that you can store the footage if you need to go to the police. Try to protect your cameras from hackers too.

Check out our other must-have features:

  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Two-way talk
  • Local or cloud storage
  • Weatherproof casing for outdoor cameras.

Use a Safe

just in case other security strategies fail, use a home safe for all your valuables. A home safe is a secure depository for everything from jewellery to vital documents like passports. You want a safe that is fire-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough that a thief can’t walk away with it.

To get the most protection from your safe, follow the tips below:

  • Look for safes with redundant locks (that’s two locks on one safe).
  • Select the right size safe for the valuables you want to protect.
  • Decide if you want a portable safe or one that’s anchored.

Use Home Automation

Here are some of our favourite ways to use home automation to increase security:

  • Schedule lights (and your TV) to turn on and off when you’re on vacation.
  • Scare away porch pirates with two-way talk through a smart doorbell.
  • Get an instant video feed whenever someone walks up your driveway.
  • Check on a smoke or CO alarm and cancel false alarms from your smartphone.

Prevent House Fires

Keep your home safe from fires with the following steps.

  • Inspect current fire alarms and CO detectors to make sure they’re working.
  • Install new detectors where necessary.
  • Check the charge and expiration date on current fire extinguishers.
  • Buy new fire extinguishers if necessary.
  • Call a professional chimney inspector before using the fireplace.

Make a fire exit plan based on the layout of your home, and you can use fire escape ladders for second story bedrooms.

Finally, protecting your home is always the best choice if you want to have peace of mind staying in your homes. Use the above explained tips to get the best security in your home.


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