SAT/ACT Score Calculator – How to Calculate Your ACT Score | Is 27 on the Act a Good Score

Students that will be taking the SAT or ACT examination will need the SAT/ACT Score Calculator. This helps them know how well they performed in their paper. The calculations are easy and you will not find the steps complicated.

SAT/ACT Score Calculator

There are a few key components that you have to note when calculating your SAT/ACT Score. This content will provide all the information you need when trying to calculate your SAT or ACT score.

SAT/ACT Score Calculator – How to Calculate Your SAT Score

The list below will contain the complete steps that you need to calculate your SAT score. You are to follow all the steps according to avoid making any mistakes. Like said earlier, the steps are not complicated.

  • To begin, add all your RAW Score together
  • Once you are done with this, you will have to convert your RAW Scores into Scaled Scores
  • Present the details in an SAT RAW/Scale Conversion Table
  • Determine Your Scaled Math Score
  • Determine Your Writing and language Score and also Your Scaled Reading
  • Once you are done with this, combine all the sections together to get your final Sat Score.

How to Calculate Your ACT Score

Now, the ACT Score calculator will help you know how to determine how your RAW score will translate to your ACT scale. With this, you can know if your score is good enough. I will provide the steps you need for this process below

  • Bring together all your ACT score report
  • Make a table that will contain your test dates and all your score from your ACT four subjects. This will help you easily compare your subject score
  • Circle the highest number in each column to identify your best score
  • Add up the four scores together
  • Divide the sum of the number by four
  • Finally, round the result to the nearest whole number and this will give you the average result.

Is 27 on the Act a Good Score

You should note that the answer to this question is Yes. This is because 27 on ACT will put in the 86th percentile of the test takers. Penn State University Park, Syracuse University, and Temple University are schools with scores averaging around 27.

This is what you need to know about the SAT/ACT Score Calculator. With this, you will just have to follow the steps according to get your average SAT or ACT score. More research can be done on Google.


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