Samsung’s Stylish the Frame TVs Are $900 Off Today

Samsung’s Stylish the Frame TVs are $900 off today. This sleek TV in case you don’t know doubles as a unique piece of décor and at the moment, you can get one for a couple of hundreds of dollars off the original price.

Samsung’s Stylish the Frame TVs Are $900 Off Today

Samsung’s Stylish the Frame TVs Are $900 Off Today

The Frame TV from Samsung is as much as a piece of décor as it is a screen for watching movies and TV shows. And Woot at the moment is offering users a chance to get one of the latest 2022 models at a really good discount. The sizes as you should know range from 32 to 75 inches with most models discounted by as much as $900. These deals as you should know are only available today although you really do not have much time on your end to get in on the savings.

Samsung’s The Frame Is More Than a TV

The Frame as you should know is much more than a TV. It also acts as a stylish piece of digital artwork that is crafted to seamlessly blend with the rest of your home. The TV is extremely sleek at just 1 inch thick. And it also features interchangeable magnetic bezels that come in a range of materials and colors, so you can easily get one that fits the style of your home. And for the reason that it is also a display piece, does not mean that Samsung skimped on the hardware.

The Frame Specs and Features

And while the 32-inch models of this TV is down to $430 in this unique sale is just 1080p HD, all of the bigger models are equipped with 5K QLED screens and it also boasts support for HDR10 Plus as well as a refresh rate of 120Hz for a crisp, rich picture. Each of the TVs also has an anti-glare matte display, which is a new addition for the 2022 model that eliminates the reflection of light almost entirely so that you can clearly see the screen in the day or night time.

The TV Also Functions As a Digital Picture Frame

And when not in use, you can set the Frame to art mode, where it then functions as a digital picture frame. You can hang it flush on a wall with the slim wall mount that is included and your guests will confuse it for a painting. You can also upload your very own photos or make use of one of the few artworks that are offered for free or select from over 1,400 art pieces with a $6 monthly subscription to the Art store of Samsung.


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