Samsung Is Rolling Out an Android 12 Beta to Galaxy S21 Owners

Do you know Samsung Is Rolling Out an Android 12 Beta to Galaxy S21 Owners? Heard about the latest? According to THEVERGE, Samsung has announced that it’s rolling out a public beta of Android 12 for Galaxy S21 devices, just a few weeks ahead of when we are expecting the final OS to be officially available for the first time on Pixel phones.

Samsung Is Rolling Out an Android 12 Beta to Galaxy S21 Owners

Samsung is touting that it is managing to get these betas out earlier every year, though this year it’s only by a week or two if compared to 2020.

Registration for the beta program is said to commence on September 14th, the same day the iPhone 13 is announced. Users will need to register in the Samsung Members app to try it and if Samsung repeats the past, the number of open slots will be limited. It’s only available in the U.S. as of now.

Samsung Is Rolling Out an Android 12 Beta to Galaxy S21 Owners

The beta is actually for Samsung’s One UI 4, its version of Android. That peculiarity is important because one of the major changes in Android 12 is how different it looks. On a Pixel phone, all the buttons are big and the colors change with dynamism based on your wallpaper, a style Google’s calling “Material You.”

On a Galaxy S21 phone, we don’t yet know exactly how much of Google’s design language Samsung proposes to use. One UI already had lots of theme options and Samsung’s store was chock full of more users could buy (though most are fairly garish).

Samsung’s rundown of what’s new in One UI

Here is Samsung’s official list:

  • A wealth of theme options let you adjust the look and functionality of your device, giving you tools to configure your home screen, icons, notifications, wallpapers, and much more.
  • Redesigned, upgraded widgets offer deep customization from visibility to appearance.
  • You also get convenient access to a more robust and diverse array of emojis all in one place

Samsung also is adopting Android 12’s visual indicators for when the microphone and camera are in use. It will also have toggles for turning those sensors off completely.

New widgets will also be welcome most of them across most versions of Android have begun feeling a little antiquated. As you can see at the top of this post, Samsung’s widgets look clean, at least, and have big rounded corners. They don’t go quite as far as Google’s new widgets, however.

As Google itself becomes more opinionated on what Android looks like on its Pixel phones with Material You, a big question will be whether those opinions work well on non-Google phones.

Samsung itself has been moving in a relatively coherent aesthetic direction for the last few years, but it’s been one that uses more white space and larger fonts than Google’s recent designs. We can see that Samsung is adopting some of the bigger, bubbly rounded corners for notifications, though.

Are the two looks compatible? Will Google widgets look out of place on a Samsung home screen? Will Samsung adopt the new locations for various Android system functions that have been moved? Galaxy S21 owners will find out soon enough as they dig deeper into the public beta. You can get more details here.


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