Samsung Internet Browser | Features of the Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung internet browser is the default internet browser on all Samsung devices. Some other devices come with Google Chrome as its default browser. A lot of people prefer using the Samsung internet browser to other browsers.

Samsung Internet Browser

This is either because they are used to it or they love it too much. There are tons of new features on the updated browser. It could be that his features are what make it more valuable to users.

Samsung Internet Browser

The Samsung internet browser is totally free to all. This new browser now has more security and privacy features that let you safeguard what you search for. This browser is a mobile web browser that can now be downloaded on other smartphones. This browser is based on the open-source chromium project. It can also be downloaded from other app stores. Some of which include the Google play store.

Features of the Samsung Internet Browser

Like I said before, there are certain features that make the Samsung internet browser more valued to users. We would be looking at some of the features here.

  • Video Assistant: The video assistant was designed to help you watch videos on your browser like never before. With the purple button floating on the screen, you can easily change the view between full-screen and pop-up.
  • Customizable Menu: You can easily rearrange and change icons at the bottom of the toolbar as you see fit. All the buttons available in the “More” menu would be the candidates for replacement.
  • Tab Manager Renewal: Did you know that there is now a list view mode on the tab manager. Yes, this feature guarantees it.
  • Allowed Apps: The allowed apps provide a number of apps that can open this browser notwithstanding the user intention. You can also block malicious apps that are forcibly opening the browser.

Those are some of the features.

Security and Privacy

This Samsung browser now has updated security like smart anti-tracking, protected browsing, and content blockers. The smart anti-tracking feature intelligently identifies domains that have cross-site tracking ability and block cookie access. Whenever you want to visit any unsafe site, you would also get warnings due to the security updates. It may interest you to know that this browser blocks unsafe content and make your browsing safer.

Download the App

This app can be downloaded from the Google play store. Follow the steps below to download this app.

  • Open your app drawer and launch the Google play store or iOS store.
  • Hit the search bar and type in “Samsung Internet Browser”.
  • You would be directed to the app page on the play store.
  • Find the “Install” button on the app page and click on it.

Wait for the app to be downloaded and it would be installed automatically. More research can be done on Google.


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