Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

This recent Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is what we will be discussing in this article. Boasting some top-end specs that make it one among the major powerful smartwatches out there.

Alongside some robust and innovative design features, we’d not blame you for thinking this can be one of the best smartwatches out there.

But is it? That’s what we’re on the point of discussing. Read more on this article for all about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Those who bought or were thinking of purchasing the Galaxy Watch 2 when it launched back in 2018 will notice just the price Samsung has hiked up the costs of its flagship smartwatch over the past few years.

The annoying thing is, not all that much has changed since the last Galaxy Watch model. So, we’re more or less sure it will be justified.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was launched in mid-August this year (2020). And it is accessible to buy now from all major UK and US retailers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price

Cost increase based on the size you select and the extra you want. For instance, the smaller 41mm model starts at £399/$399. While the large 45mm version will cost you a bit more of £419/$419.

4G connectivity also raises that price further, up to £439 for the smaller offering and £459/$459 for the 45mm model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Colours

As for colorways, the smaller 41mm device comes in either a choice of Mystic Silver or Mystic Bronze colors while the larger 45mm model is obtainable in Mystic Black or Mystic Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

Okay, so we’re aware that style may be a subjective topic. But one thing we just can’t help but feel the Galaxy Watch 3 misses the mark when it involves design.

Yes, it’s spectacularly well made. It feels robust and durable in all the right places, all while feeling lighter, slimmer, and easier to wear than the first Galaxy Watch device.

It also has very elegant features. This device has some great design elements, don’t get us wrong here. But overall, it’s a bit cheap. That’s definitely not something you would like with an expensive smartwatch, especially when it costs upwards of £400.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Bands

The leather strap is perhaps what lets it down. The contrast stitching feels dated, aging it in the way that’s off from cool.

While this will be easily swapped out, Samsung only features a silicone sport strap alternative available. There isn’t an endless array of various style straps available just like the Apple Watch.

While you’re likely to seek out compatible straps online, this isn’t something you would need to buy in addition to the £400 selling price.

Another annoying thing to take note of is that the various sized watches require different straps, so be sure of what you’re buying when you’re shopping around.

The 45mm is compatible with all 22mm straps. While the smaller 41mm device is meant to be used with 20mm straps.

Design And Display

In terms of weight, the larger 45mm model comes in at 53.8g while the 41mm 48.2g. There’s also another extra-light titanium model. And this is just available in the 45mm size and weighs just 43g. However, it does cost almost double the original cost.

When it is about the display, you’ll find either a 1.2-inch Circular Super AMOLED screen on the 41mm edition. Or a similar but slightly larger 1.3-inch panel on the 45mm model.

The Galaxy Watch 3’s screen is additionally protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX meaning it’s super robust against all elements and any accidents.


Surprisingly, the Galaxy Watch 3 runs on a similar chipset that powered the first Galaxy Watch from two years ago.

Navigating through different menus, for example, is fluid and reliable. Android’s Wear OS doesn’t compare.

Our favorite feature ought to be the super clever automatic activity detection. The feature will trigger the activity tracking without you having to scroll through the menus to access it yourself.


When it involves battery life, the Galaxy Watch 3 will offer you a few days of use between charges. This can be better, with rivals like Huawei offering a few weeks. However, it still beats the Apple Watch, which should probably be charged each night.

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