Saint John’s Seminary – How to Apply to Saint John’s Seminary

Saint John’s Seminary is a private, nonprofit institution operating that operates with the approval of the state of Massachusetts. Saint John’s Seminary and the M.A.M. and M.T.S. Degree Programs of Saint John’s Seminary are fully dedicated to the quality, integrity, and effectiveness of their academic programs.

Saint John's Seminary



The primary mission of Saint John’s Seminary is to prepare candidates for ordination as diocesan priests in the Roman Catholic Church and to recommend them to send bishops. The Seminary enrolls candidates for the priesthood from Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life in its several degree programs of priestly formation.

The rector, administration, and faculty are incessantly striving to offer effective programs that will be candidates for ordained and lay ministry and participation in the life and work of the Catholic Church.

Saint John’s Seminary is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston. It observes the applicable norms of the Holy See and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in defining and realizing its mission.

Saint John’s Seminary

Saint John’s seminary is, in itself, an original experience of the Church’s life. In it, the bishop is present through the ministry of the rector and the service of co-responsibility and communion fostered by him with the other teachers, for the sake of the pastoral and apostolic growth of the students.

The various members of the seminary community, are gathered by the Spirit into a single brotherhood, cooperate, each according to his own gift in the growth of all in faith and charity so that they may prepare suitably for the priesthood and so prolong in the Church and in history the saving presence of Jesus Christ, the good shepherd.

A Brief History on Saint John’s Seminary

The origins of Saint John’s Seminary were found and established in the Boston Ecclesiastical Seminary by Archbishop John J. Williams to prepare men for the Roman Catholic priesthood. In 1883, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts granted a Charter to the Seminary to grant degrees in philosophy and divinity.

Staffed by the Society of Saint Sulpice, the Seminary received its first class in the following year. Cardinal William H. O’Connell presided over the expansion of the Seminary in 1911 and replaced the Sulpicians with a faculty of diocesan priests.

In 1941, the Commonwealth expanded the Seminary’s Charter, authorizing the granting of degrees appropriate to the courses of study as well as honorary degrees appropriate to the purpose of its charter and amendments.

Degrees currently awarded include the Bachelor of Philosophy, the Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), the Master of Divinity, the Master of Arts (Theology), the Master of Arts in Ministry, and the Master of Theological Studies for the New Evangelization.

2017 the Seminary was granted affiliation with the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas, through which it grants the Pontifical Degree of Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus (STB). You can get more details on the history of Saint John’s Seminary by clicking here.

How to Apply to Saint John’s Seminary

To apply for admission to Saint John’s Seminary, you will have to contact the vocational office, and you can do that by visiting this link.

Admission Requirement

The requirements for admission are quite bulky. you will get a more detailed explanation of things you are required to bring, by clicking here.


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