Masterclass with Daryl Shular At the GTCO Food & Drink Festival 2022

Register For a Masterclass with Daryl Shular At the GTCO Food & Drink Festival 2022. Are you a chef or an intending chef? Well, if you are then this event is a must-attend for you.

Register For a Masterclass with Daryl Shular At the GTCO Food & Drink Festival 2022

If however you are not a chef or intend to be one but you are a lover of everything good food and drink, then this post is a must-read for you. In this article is contained great pieces of information that you need.

Register For a Masterclass with Daryl Shular At the GTCO Food & Drink Festival 2022

What is the GTCO’s annual food and drink festival? You may be wondering what the festival is all about. If you are a lover of food and cooking programs and festivals, then you should know about this one. If you haven’t heard about it, it is not too late for you.

The GTCO annual drink and food festival is an exhibition ad sales event that is aimed at projecting the various diverse angles of the food industry. This is achieved by connecting different and many businesses involved in the production and the sales of food that is related items to a cosmopolitan audience of enthusiasts of food. The event is held annually just so you should know.

What to Expect From the Event

If you wish to be present in the vent then you should at least know what to expect from it. There will be a great variety of food exhibitors on the ground showcasing and selling their food products. These food products will be ranging from dry foods to organic groceries. Ready-to-eat foods, confectionaries, and pastries, crockery, and wine including champagne that is of top quality.

You should also know that in addition to the already planned sales and exhibition events, the GTCO food and drink event also will offer a great experience that includes food and wine tastings, a cooking master class with popular and well-known international and Nigerian chefs, great piece of entertainment and outdoor grills.

With that being said, the exhibition event will play host to over 70 food exhibitors across a 2,400m square of exhibition space within the drink and food center located at plot 1, water corporation drive, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Cost of Attendance and Registration

If you are planning on making it a date for this event, then you should at least know the price before you embark on it. I am glad to announce to you that attendance at this event is free.

Date, Location, and Exhibition Space

The event is scheduled to take place on the 31st of April and the 1st and 2nd days of May 2022, from 10 am to 10 pm daily. The event will take place on plot 1 water corporation road, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. The exhibition space will be a 2,400m square interior space.

How to Register

Registration is easy and you can easily do this online from the comfort of your home or even on the go. To begin with the registration process, go to GTCO food and drink and fill out the registration form successfully. After filling out the form, click on the submit form button and that’s it. Your registration will be submitted successfully. And you will be communicated to subsequently via the communication channel you submitted.


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