Refurbished Chromebooks – How Reliable Are Refurbished Chromebooks

Getting a laptop or a Chromebook can be somewhat of an inconvenience to us at times due to the price tag associated with most of them. And this is where refurbished Chromebooks come into the fray.

Refurbished Chromebooks

But there are major question marks that need to be answered before you go ahead with your plans of getting yourself a refurbished Chromebook and this post has got all the answers you need.

Refurbished Chromebooks

Whether it is for convenience, the small size, or the price tag of a Chromebook that appeals to you, there is always something for you that suits your taste. There are lots of refurbished Chromebooks that offer the features you need for the very price that you can afford.

What Are Refurbished Chromebooks

A refurbished Chromebook can also be called an open-box Chromebook. This very type of Chromebook has been repaired, restored, updated, and upgraded to be in the same level and plain with a brand new Chromebook. You can also call a refurbished Chromebook a used Chromebook.

A refurbished Chromebook may however be different from a used Chromebook or laptop. While a used laptop may have been previously owned by someone else, a refurbished one may not have been owned or used or may have been owned and used for a short time only.

A refurbished Chromebook could have been used as a floor display or it could have only been purchased but not been used. This, therefore, means that it cannot be sold as brand new although it is still in a new condition and this is what is known as an open-box Chromebook.

How Reliable Are Refurbished Chromebooks

The answer to this very question on the reliability of Chromebooks varies. Let’s say a Chromebook that’s 5 years old will not be a good refurbished buy as it is outdated and also will not have support for the long run. A modern Chromebook on the other hand that has been refurbished is a very good buy and a great option and also if the price is right.

What to Look For In Refurbished Chromebooks

If you are in the market for a refurbished Chromebook there are things that you may need to look out for in a bid to select the right one. Follow the guide below in shopping for a refurbished Chromebook;

  • Screen resolution is a very important factor to look out for when it comes to your viewing preferences. Chromebooks always offer several screen resolution types and you should know that small pixels simply mean crisp images.
  • Select your size. Refurbished Chromebooks normally range in size from a small 12-inch model to mid-size 14-inch or larger 15.6-inch displays.
  • The number of memory you need. These types of Chromebooks normally give users the choice of a solid-state drive that contains 32 GB or 128 GB.

These are some of the things to look out for when choosing a refurbished Chromebook laptop.

Is It Safe to Buy a Used Chromebook?

Is it safe to buy a used or refurbished Chromebook? One thing to look out for when getting a refurbished or used Chromebook is to check for the AUE date. If the date is closer, you should opt for a different Chromebook as it is not a good buy.

The performance of your device will suffer greatly without current updates. The device also may become more vulnerable to malware and viruses.


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