Rakuten Review – What Is Rakuten and How Does It Work?

This article is going to give Rakuten a review. If you love saving money and getting free cash one site that promises free money is Rakuten. But is this website a scam or is it legit?

Rakuten Review

Rakuten is a reward program that gives customers cashback between one percent and 40 percent on almost anything they buy when they purchase it through their Ebates account. It can be operated on Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS.

Rakuten Review

Rakuten was founded in 1998 in Menlo Park. For over 20 years the company has been giving customers cashback of between one percent and 40 percent on almost anything they buy. Though you have to purchase items by shopping through your Rakuten account. Rakuten is easy to use and you will enjoy using this platform.

How Does Rakuten Work – Rakuten Review

Rakuten is super easy to operate and all you have to do is sign up for a Rakuten account. Once you log in using your member login, you find the name of the stores you wish to shop. Your search for stores alphabetical list Rakuten provides. You can also find a store with the search bar and once you find your desired store you click on it.

Because you are directed from the Rakuten site directly to the store website. Shopping through Rakuten is no different than if you go directly to the store website. The only difference is that you will get cashback qualifying purchases because you accessed the store through the Rakuten account. Visit the Rakuten site to start shopping https://www.rakuten.com/.

You can also install the Rakuten browser extension. The extension will show a popup whenever a website you visit is eligible to earn cashback. Click the button in the popup to activate Rakuten and earn cashback.

Stores That Partner with Rakuten

The number of stores you can shop through Rakuten is quite impressive. Rakuten has partnerships with over 2,500 stores.

  • Nordstrom.
  • Kohls.
  • Macy’s.
  • Walmart.
  • Turbotax.
  • Ace hardware.
  • Aeropostale.
  • Barney’s.
  • Bath and body works.
  • Cabela’s.
  • Justice.
  • Target.
  • Armani.
  • Arteza.
  • Atlantis.
  • Relay.

There so many stores in Rakuten that it is just perfect.

Rakuten Security

Rakuten is a very secure site and they do not require that you enter any payment information to use their services. This is a very good sign, and the only thing you need to sign up is an active email address. Rakuten is certified as compliant by the payment card industry security standards council.

They are essentially a governing that makes sure sites sufficiently encrypt sensitive data such as your credit card information. Rakuten is very truthful and frank about how they use your information, though you may want to read the fine print.

Customer Service and Support

This platform’s customer service is pretty limited and they have a help section on that you need to scroll to the very bottom to find. Even then it simply takes you to a knowledge center page with frequently asked questions. They have a contact page but this appears to operate on a ticket system. Your question is broken down into specifics and then you are prompted to describe your issue.

Though most people seem to need little assistance with Rakuten services. The most common issues according to their knowledge center seem to be tracking checks and checking cashback balances.

Pros and Cons of Rakuten

Rakuten is an amazing service but it has its drawbacks. Here are some of its pros and cons.


  • The platform features thousands of stores, so there are many options for saving.
  • The ease of using the platform.
  • Cashback.
  • Referral program.


  • Encourages impulse shopping.
  • Stores have products that are exempt from cashback.
  • You are paid cashback checks quarterly.
  • Your account can be disabled without notice.


Rakuten has partnered with a lot of stores.  Each company that Rakuten partners with gives this company a bonus payment for sending them business. The platform shares the bonus with its customers in the form of cashback.



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