U.S. Embassy in Finland Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program | How to Apply

The U.S. Embassy in Finland actively promotes cultural exchange, collaboration, and understanding between the United States and Finland. The Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program stands out as a crucial avenue for manifesting this commitment.

U.S. Embassy in Finland Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program
U.S. Embassy in Finland Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program

It serves as a catalyst for diverse initiatives that contribute to strengthening the ties between the two nations.


Stay updated on the application deadline for the Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program by regularly visiting the official website or contacting the embassy directly for the most current information.(12-Apr-2024)

Purpose of the Grant

PDS Finland seeks proposals for small grants that encourage collaboration and emphasize shared values. All programs should incorporate an American perspective, societal or cultural element, or connection with American experts, organizations, or institutions. This connection aims to enhance understanding of U.S. policy and viewpoints. The grant application must identify a confirmed local Finnish organization (or partner). Additionally, programs should include public outreach components like live-streaming, masterclasses, traditional or digital media, or open events. Examples include academic lectures, professional exchanges, artistic workshops, and cultural exhibitions.

Funding Amount

  • Award amounts: Awards may range from a minimum of $5000 to a maximum of $50,000.
  • Award Ceiling: $50,000.00
  • Award Floor: $5,000.00
  • Length of performance period: 3 to 24 months


The U.S. Embassy in Finland Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program provides numerous benefits for individuals and organizations actively involved in cultural exchange and collaboration:

  • Financial Support:

Grantees receive financial backing to execute projects, covering various aspects such as materials, events, travel, and other project-related expenses.

  • Cultural Exchange:

The program supports projects that foster understanding and appreciation between the United States and Finland, creating a platform for sharing diverse perspectives and encouraging cross-cultural communication.

  • Educational Opportunities:

Through funded projects, the program contributes to educational initiatives, enabling participants to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experiences, enhancing personal and professional development.

  • Professional Connections:

Grantees get the chance to establish and strengthen professional connections, as collaborative projects can lead to networking opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations with individuals and organizations from both countries.

  • Community Impact:
The positive impact of the program extends beyond direct recipients, benefiting the wider community. Projects supported often involve and benefit a broader audience, contributing to community development and engagement.
  • Enhanced U.S.-Finland Relations:

The grants program contributes to strengthening diplomatic ties between the United States and Finland by supporting initiatives aligned with the program’s goals. It serves as a tangible expression of shared values and interests between the two nations.

  • Promotion of Mutual Understanding:

The program promotes mutual understanding between the U.S. and Finland by supporting projects emphasizing shared values, interests, and goals, helping bridge cultural gaps and fostering a sense of global community.

  • Platform for Innovation:

The grants program encourages innovative and creative projects, providing a platform for individuals and organizations to present unique ideas contributing to the program’s objectives.

  • Diverse Range of Initiatives:

Eligibility for both individuals and organizations fosters a diverse range of initiatives. This inclusivity allows for a variety of projects addressing different aspects of cultural exchange and collaboration.

  • Showcasing Shared Values:

Funded projects act as tangible examples of shared values and goals between the U.S. and Finland, highlighting enduring ties and promoting a positive image of collaboration between the two nations.

Priority Program Areas

They are as follows:

  • Arctic Cooperation: Proposals promoting collaboration among Arctic states and communities.
  • Climate Change and Environment: Initiatives addressing climate change and evolving environmental conditions.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility (DEIA): Programs advancing DEIA principles.
  • Global Security and NATO: Proposals addressing global security challenges and enhancing understanding of NATO, including support for Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) initiatives.
  • Education Collaboration: Initiatives fostering collaboration and exchanges between American and Finnish students and teachers.
  • Economic Prosperity and Innovation: Proposals promoting economic prosperity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Align with Program Goals:

Ensure that proposed projects align with the goals of the U.S. Embassy in Finland Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program, emphasizing cultural exchange, collaboration, and mutual understanding between the United States and Finland.

  • Establish Clear Connection:

Clearly demonstrate the connection between the proposed project and the program’s objectives. The proposal should articulate how the project contributes to strengthening ties between the two nations.

  • Commit to Mutual Understanding:

Both individuals and organizations are typically eligible, with a requirement to commit to fostering mutual understanding. This commitment should be evident throughout the project proposal.


  • Misalign with Program Mission:

Projects that do not align with the program’s mission or fail to address specified thematic priorities may be deemed ineligible for funding.

  • Fail to Meet Criteria:

Proposals that do not meet the specified criteria outlined in the guidelines may be considered ineligible for consideration. It is crucial to thoroughly review and adhere to the program’s guidelines during the application process.

How to Apply

  • Visit the Official Website:

Start by visiting the U.S. Embassy in Finland’s official website. Navigate to the Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program section for detailed information, guidelines, and the application form.https://fi.usembassy.gov/notice-of-funding-opportunity/

  • Review Guidelines:

Carefully review the program guidelines to understand the objectives, thematic priorities, and evaluation criteria. This helps tailor your proposal to meet the program’s expectations.

  • Prepare Documentation:

Compile all required documentation, including a detailed project proposal, budget, timeline, and any additional materials specified in the application guidelines. Ensure your proposal clearly articulates the project’s significance and aligns with the program’s goals.

  • Submit Application: Submit all materials via email to [email protected] or through grants.gov. Clearly state the organization’s name in the email subject line. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Application Submission Guidelines

The application submission guidelines may include:

  • Request Application Package: Application forms are available at grants.gov.
  • Content and Form of Submission: Follow instructions carefully; non-compliant proposals will be ineligible.
  • Ensure the proposal: Clearly addresses funding opportunity goals.
  • Uses English and U.S. dollars.
  • Limits narrative to two pages.

Required Documents

  • Include mandatory application forms.
  • Provide a summary coversheet with essential program details.
  • Submit a concise 2-page proposal addressing key elements.

Mandatory Forms:

  • SF-424 (Application for Federal Assistance – organizations) or SF-424-I (Application for Federal Assistance – individuals).
  • SF424A (Budget Information) and SF424B (Assurances).

Proposal (2 pages):

  • Proposal summary.
  • Introduction to the applying organization or individual.
  • Clear problem statement.
  • Defined goals and measurable objectives.
  • Program activities, methods, and design.
  • Proposed schedule, key personnel, and partners.
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan.
  • Sustainability and future funding plans.

Tips for Successful Application

  • Clarity and Relevance:

Clearly articulate the project’s goals, relevance to U.S.-Finland relations, and how it contributes to the program’s objectives. A well-defined and purposeful project proposal is more likely to succeed.

  • Budget Transparency:

Provide a detailed budget, demonstrating a clear understanding of how the grant funds will be utilized. Transparency in financial planning enhances the credibility of your application.

  • Community Engagement:

Emphasize community engagement and collaboration. Projects involving and benefiting a broad audience or fostering partnerships are often viewed favorably.

  • Adherence to Guidelines:

Ensure strict adherence to the program guidelines and eligibility criteria. Any deviation may jeopardize the application’s success.


The U.S. Embassy in Finland Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program offers a valuable opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to cultural exchange and collaboration between the United States and Finland. Thorough preparation, adherence to guidelines, and a clear alignment with the program’s goals are key to a successful application. Stay informed, engage with the community, and let your project be a testament to the enduring ties between these two nations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply if my project involves multiple countries, not just the U.S. and Finland?

The program primarily focuses on U.S.-Finland relations, but projects involving multiple countries may be considered. It’s advisable to contact the embassy directly to discuss the eligibility of such projects.

How are grant recipients selected?

Grant recipients are typically selected based on the clarity and relevance of their project proposals, adherence to program guidelines, and the potential impact of the proposed project on U.S.-Finland relations.



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