PS5 Internal Storage Solution – PS5 Storage Solution to Accommodated Upgrades

Are you currently have issues with your PS5 due to insufficient internal storage? Well, if you would like to increase your PS5’s internal Storage Space, you should check out more details on PS5 Internal Storage solutions. However, unlike the Xbox series X and the Series S that offers support to the Seagate 1TB Storage expansion card that Microsoft made available during the launch. Still, Sony never decided to give users the option to add more PS5 Storage. PS5 Internal Storage Solution.

PS5 Internal Storage Solution

PS5 Internal Storage Solution

Microsoft also lets users store Xbox Series X and S optimized games on an external hard drive, too, although you would need to move it to the internal drive or the storage expansion card in other for you to play the game. You can even choose to attach the external, hard drive to your PS5 and store your PS4 games on it, but when it comes to finding a new home for all your new PS5 games, you can only turn to the internal drive.

More Memory

As reported, Sony has unlocked the internal NVMe SSD bay that is found behind the console’s front faceplate. This is really great for anyone that wishes to upgrade their storage capacity: Simply pop off the faceplate (carefully), slot in an NVMe SSD, and then screw it into place. It is expected to be that simple. We do not even know which of the drives the PS5 will support; Sony stated that it would make clear which NVMe SSDs are compatible in the future.

Fan and Speed

By unlocking the upcoming firmware that unlocks the PS5’s ability to run the additional internal drive, we would also enable a lot of higher cooling-fan speeds. The PS5, it appears, might struggle to accommodate a drive that would come with an accompanying heatsink, and since the SSD found inside the console is extremely fast, you can now bet the drive that you will need to buy will become quite toasty when making use of it.


Installing a PS5 NVMe would be a little bit of a gamble, then – at least for now. We are not sure of the degree that the PS5 fans would ramp up to deal with the extra heat that would be generated from the extra storage. This might not be much but they would certainly do something about it, judging by the need of Sony to unlock much faster speeds.

Might this be an oversight on Sony’s part, then? Maybe, but I am not prepared to make payment for the price of a much louder console for more storage, at least not yet.

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