Privacy Ballot Measure: The Privacy Ballot Measure Could Give you More Control Over Personal Data

The California ballot proposition could have little effect across other states in the United State. The Privacy Ballot Measure could give consumers more control over their personal data again. California enacted the country’s toughest privacy Prop. 24 law in the year 2018, but the Golden State hasn’t finished considering the new privacy regulations.

Privacy Ballot Measure

Like 2018’s enacted California Consumer Privacy Act, the new ballot proposition could prompt companies to adjust their privacy policies across the board. This law is called the California Privacy Rights Act, and the proposition could also revive efforts to request and pass similar bills in statehouses across the country.

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Privacy Ballot Measure

Currently, issues arising is whether the privacy protections due to the Prop. 24 law will be effective and if the potential costs of running the new state agency (which the initiative have called for) are worth it at a period when the state’s economic budget is been at risk over the coronavirus pandemic. Voters for the US Presidential election will also sort out through reasons why few privacy advocates don’t love the Prop. 24 law. Below is more information about what you need to know on Prop. 24 law enhancement, which will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Is Prop. 24 different from the California Consumer Privacy Act?

The state legislature has formerly passed the California Consumer Privacy Act in the year 2018. Hereby giving consumers the right to ask for detailed records of personal data certain businesses have collected on them. As well as the right to authorize the businesses to delete their data, or not to sell it to a third party.

Under Prop. 24 law, consumers could have asked different firms and companies not to share their data, in addition to not selling it. Proponents say including the word “share” would let consumers authorize a business not to display targeted ads to them, via the intention of the year 2018 law. Tech companies argue the ad targeting isn’t a “sale” of your data, even though they make money from the transactions.

The proposition also eradicates a process that lets different companies avoid fines altogether if they can fix the violations within 30 days. And also makes it easier for consumers to sue the companies over preventable data sharing and breaches. It also implies a new government agency that was established specifically for the enforcement of the law, the “California Privacy Protection Agency”.

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Under this current law, the California Department of Justice is responsible for law enforcement, though Attorney General Xavier Becerra warned in the year 2018 about his agency which didn’t have the funding to do the job. Prop. 24 law requires the state to provide a minimum $10 million annually for the funding of the agency.

Who else supports Prop. 24 – Privacy Ballot Measure

The former United States presidential candidate, Andrew Yang and US Representative Ro Khanna, whose district includes parts of Silicon Valley, are in support of the Prop. 24. Together, they have joined by other state and local politicians, as well as Common Sense Media, a consumer advocacy group that has helped to promote state and federal laws that protect children’s online privacy. The Prop. 24 law is also declared and recommended by Consumer Reports.

Why don’t some major privacy rights groups support Prop. 24?

Privacy advocates at the Electronic Frontier Foundation is neither in support nor opposing the Prop. 24 law. In a blog post, the Electronic Frontier Foundation experts wrote that Prop. 24 misses the opportunity to provide a requirement portal for consumers to “opt-in” before businesses can collect their data. They also criticized a platform on the Prop. 24 law, which is also present in the 2018 law, that allows businesses to charge more if users opt-in for more privacy. The charge is compulsory to reflect the value of the data to the business. You can do more research on Google.

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