Powell Software – How can Powell Software Help?

In 2015 Powell Software was founded. With different offices located in Europe, the United States, the Middles East, and Asia, Powell software drives digital transformation as they offer a suite of digital workplace products that transforms the experience of the user and help boost communication, collaboration, and productivity in business.

Powell Software

About Powell Software

Powell Software was originally founded by Cyril de Queral and Jean-Pierre Vimard with the headquarters region located in the European Union (EU). Powell Software engages, empowers, connects and informs your employees in the Hybrid workplace. And the offer employee experience platform and digital workplace solutions.

Powell software has over 50 partners, over 400 clients, 1.7 million-plus users, and over 90 Powell players. They offer a comprehensive digital workplace platform that stands as coverage for the spectrum of business communication and employee experience, as well as employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. They are currently have helped over 1.5 million users around the world to be productive and engaged from wherever they are.

How can Powell Software Help?

Digital Solution

Powel builds up digital solutions that would help the employee build up experience, helping you write your own “future of work” by leveraging the talent of your whole workplace.

Offering onboarding Experience

The experience of the employee starts from the newcomer’s first day on the Job whether they walk right into an office, or they are working from the PC.

Onboard remote and in-office employees smoothly and effortlessly, while offering everything that they require with easy-to-use templates. Making use of the template to work on the digital workplace, the company intranet, and Microsoft Teams, HR get to create dedicated spaces for their new employees. Easily add documents and a 30-days task plan and allow instant collaboration.

Creating Social Interactions with the Virtual Coffee Machine

Today’s digital Workplace is a complete employee experience platform that goes far beyond pure productivity to place their attention on connections.

With the virtual coffer Machine, employees get to come together for a more casual coffee chat no matter the place that they are in. In just some clicks HR can schedule automated meet-ups that bring people together for some time, at a time that suits them.

Facilitate a Flexible Hybrid Work Model

Employees get to move between in-office and remote work with ease. The flexDesk widget for the company intranet allows the employees to hot desk and book their space right before coming into the office. HR gets to control the presence of the staff, and ensure distancing and responding to the needs of the employee.

Attract and Retain Talent with Employee Advocacy

With the aid of an employee advocacy tool like Powell software, staff gets to share job openings with their network. Gamification, with a leader board and badges, rewards them for doing it. HR Increases the chance of locating the candidate that is best, and employee that has gotten more engaged which in turn reduces staff turnover.

Powell Team

The Powell team is the collaboration pillar of the Powell 365 Digital Workplace that happens to include the Powel Intranet, employee engagement pillar, and communication. Powell Team value proposition is aimed at all the employees, and their business functions, especially when it comes to internal communications and IT teams.

For Employees: Powell can be accessed from their desktop, browser, or even mobile intranet app. An intuitive interface makes things a lot easier for them when it comes to contributing and finding information.

For HR & Comms: Your intranet offers communication just as it is supposed to: attractive, simple, and engaging. It informs the employees, align everybody together against a common goal and a strong company culture.

For IT: for IT is has a ready to deploy intranet-in-a-box, fully customizable, and scalable – IT teams love Powell Intranet. Built right on Microsoft 365, you are to be assured that your information is secured.

For internal communication departments, the Powell team grants access to the intranet that is inside the business team where it is relevant the most. For example, the document repository sales department can be accessed in the form of a tab directly in each of the sales RFP teams.


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