Popcornflix: Stream And Watch The Best And Most Trending Movies And TV Series On PopcornFlix

Do you really want to enjoy the online streaming of movies, music, and video? Then search no further I present to you the ‘Popcornflix’ website. The Popcornflix website is an online streaming website. A site you can watch over a thousand movies and TV shows for free but you have to deal with the ads available on the sites.



This site was created in July 2010 and went into live beta in March 2011. This site primarily streams movies. Not just any type of movies, but full- length independent movies. The website features original content, not piracy. And these include Web series and film school originals.

However, the Popcornflix website hosts lots of content. On-demand you can get up to 1,000+ movies, TV shows, and viral videos. The videos are displayed with publish date to make available in the detail section. The blog section sends out a newsletter to subscribers to give them an update of news on the streaming services. One thing that users will have to get used to is the ads-supported content. This is to make the website remain free.

Popcornflix Features

On the website, users have access to a streaming library full of movies as the main attraction. But there are also other features, which includes:

Popcornflix Kids

this is an additional streaming service that is designed for children. It is known as Popcornflix Kids. It offers the same features just like the original website, but only stream movies and TV shows for children and it’s free too.


This section is part of every video and it enables users to watch the same videos to interact with each other. The site does not filter any comments that people post nor keep such comments hidden from even kids.


The most captivating and major thing about the Popcornflix website is the movie streaming activities. Here you will see different types of movies displayed in their categories. Ranging from New Arrivals, Most Popular, Popcornflix originals, Staff Picks, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Urban, Science Fiction (sci-fi), Mystery, Family, Western, Date Night, Shout Factory TV, Old school cool, Foreign Films, Documentaries, Asian Action, and Stand Up Comedy, Español.

Viral Vids

On this feature videos that have gone viral are seen on this category of the Popcornflix section. The video covers a wide range of life daily happenings, the date of publication, the time duration of the video, and the title of such videos.

TV Shows

This segment is mostly for TV shows and they are displayed in categories too for easy assessment. These are the categories on the TV Shows segment on Popcornflix: family and Kids TV, Drama TV, Reality TV, Action / Adventure, and Comedy TV shows.

Popcornflix Movies T.V Free App

This platform is also on mobile. It can be downloaded directly to your mobile devices. It is a premium app for watching free feature-length films directly from your Android phone and tablet. To download and watch is free and you can watch over 700+ films immediately in this app without subscription or fees. On the platform’s app, new films are added daily and there is no limit to how many films one can view per day.

What Devices is Compatible with the Website?

Popcornflix is an app that provides users with free service from almost anywhere. This app works well with the following devices.

  • Smart TV device – Apple TV.
  • Mobile device – iOS and Android.
  • Desktop and laptop devices – iOS and Android.
  • Other devices – Xbox, Roku, and Kindle.

Furthermore, Popcornflix is an ad-supported streaming service as I mentioned before. This makes it completely free. There is no need to ask how much Popcornflix cost?

What Internet Speed does the Website Recommend?

There is absolutely no specific Internet connection to stream with Popcornflix. Streaming is generally smooth across devices. You can get one option when it has to do with video quality poor despite having a strong Internet connection, buffering and crashing are sure to follow or happen.

What to Watch with Popcornflix

On the Popcornflix website, you have a whole library with titles from most of the popular names in Hollywood to select from. Here are a few titles you can expect to see on Popcornflix sites.

  • The Tingler.
  • Antboy.
  • The void.
  • Friday the 13th.
  • Superstar.
  • Genocide.
  • Perfect Girl.

There are other popular shows to watch with this website. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it.

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