Pivot Table: How To Plan your Pivot Table | Pivot Table Areas and it’s Uses

Pivot Table is one of the basic features of Excel that calculate and summarizes data. With this Pivot table, you will be able to explore large data. Thereby extracting the ones you need in a simplified way. Users can also customize the table to locate recurrent data format, which helps in perfect data estimating.

Pivot Table

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Pivot Table – How To Plan your Pivot Table

Before you start to create one, is very important to plan it, because it will make it more effective

  • The first thing to do is to, check to see that your data source is organized appropriately. That is to say, there should be no blank columns, and also ensure that the headings contain important information.
  • Format the data as a table. To do this, all you need is to select the cells with the data, then tap on the “Filter” tab.  The first row formats to column headings
  • Ensure you clarify your expectations from the Pivot table, that is to set up a goal you want to achieve with it.
  • Know the exact format you want the result to be displayed. So you should know the particular data you want to be displayed in a specified row and column.

Pivot Table Areas and it’s Uses

  • Column area : this area is embedded with headings in the Pivot table. Which aids in locating trends.
  • The Row : is the left side of the left side of the table showing data. It is strictly for data you want to set in categories, for instance, names and products.
  • The Google sheet: this area is used for calculating and counting data. So it is basically for data’s you want to measure for example averages, to sum.
  • Filter Area: it is used for creating filters

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How To Create Pivot Table

Google sheets create a Pivot table on the basis of the data you provided. Simply follow the directives below

  • Locate and open the spreadsheet in Google sheets that contains the data you want.
  • Click on the “cells” that have the source data you want to use
  • Navigate to the top of the page and press on “data” tab  from the menu
  • Click on “pivot table” widget, a fresh sheet opens with the editor on the right corner of the page
  • If you want to apply it to your data  Scroll up and select one of the suggested PT
  • Tap on the “Add” widget close to each area, then select the data field, this procedure is applied when you want to create a manual PT.
  • Click on “Add” link, located at the filter side, then select the condition you want to use to filter data
  • You can click on the “down arrow” to change the way you list, summarize, filter, or sort your data
  • After, you can press on the “show total” button, to know the number of rows and columns.

How To Change or Remove Data

  • Navigate and open the spreadsheet that has the Pivot table
  • Tap on “Pivot table”
  • If you want to move a field, simply drag it to another category.
  • Press on the “X” sign to remove a field
  • If you want to change the data range, scroll to the right top of the page, then click on “Select data range”
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