Pingdom Tools: How Pingdom Can Work for You

The Pingdom tools help you to test the availability of your crucial websites, applications, and services as often as every minute with our network of 100+ servers worldwide. When an incident happens, Pingdom immediately alerts you with all the information you need to resolve the issue quickly and confidently.

Pingdom monitors much more than just whether your website is available; it sends you alerts about error messages, HTTP status, content changes, and more. When your website becomes available again, our system will notify you all is well.

Sitting by your computer with a stopwatch as your website loads is not a great way to determine whether your website is fast enough. That’s why most developers and marketers will take advantage of a wide variety of free website speed test tools.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools

With the help of Pingdom tools, you can easily optimize your website’s performance based on data from actual site visitors with real user monitoring (RUM). Troubleshoot performance issues from the end user’s perspective and identify bottlenecks with advanced filtering.

Speed can make or break your website. That’s why web developers, marketers, and IT departments alike are paying attention to website speed testing tools. Improving your webpage loading speed can have a dramatic effect on the overall success of your site.

Page speed influences your performance in nearly every arena, from user experience to search engine optimization. In fact, most website users will only wait about four seconds for a page to load before moving on to something else.

About Pingdom

Pingdom is a company based out of Sweden (now owned by SolarWinds) that offers a variety of different services, such as uptime monitoring, page speed monitoring, transaction monitoring, server monitoring, and visitor insights (RUM). Probably one of the things they are most well-known for is their free website speed test tool.

It is one of the most popular performance testing tools in the WordPress community. Why is it so popular? Well, for one, it’s probably the easiest speed testing tool to use! Not everyone is a web performance expert, and so for the typical WordPress user, some of the other alternative tools out there can be quite overwhelming.

Sometimes less is more as they say. After all, you just care about two things: how fast is your website and how can you make it faster. You can get more details about Pingdom here.

Countries Pingdom are Allowed

Below you will find where Pingdom currently allows you to test the speed of any website from 7 different locations (5 continents) strategically placed around the globe:

  • Asia – Japan – Tokyo
  • Europe – Germany – Frankfurt
  • Europe – the United Kingdom – London
  • North America – USA – Washington D.C.
  • North America – USA – San Francisco
  • Pacific – Australia – Sydney
  • South America – Brazil – São Paulo. You can get more details here.

How Pingdom Can Work for You

Below are some of the things that the Pingdom platform can help you do;

  • For Digital Marketers; your site is your digital storefront. Your marketing collateral and campaigns have brought them to your site, but if it’s unavailable, slow, or broken, it could hurt your brand and your business objectives. Help ensure your customers have the best experience on your site with synthetic monitoring.
  • It can help web hosting providers
  • It also helps web developers
  • For IT/Web Ops

Pingdom is a global performance and availability monitoring solution for your websites, applications, and servers. Don’t take my word for it a trial will convince you. you can get more details about the Pingdom tools here.

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