Peachtree’s Debt Relief Programs with Peachtree Financial Solutions

Feeling overwhelmed by high credit card balances, medical bills piling up, and aggressive collections calls? If debt has become an unmanageable burden that’s dragging down your finances, it may be time to seek some relief.

Peachtree’s Debt Relief Programs
Peachtree’s Debt Relief Programs

Peachtree Financial Solutions, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been helping consumers lighten their debt load since 1992. They offer customized programs to fit different situations, making them a trusted partner for finding financial freedom.

In this post, we’ll explain Peachtree Debt Relief Programs, what makes their services so effective, the types of debt they can help with, their step-by-step process for clients, and tips to get started on the path to relief.

Peachtree’s Debt Relief Programs

Peachtree Financial provides access to several debt reduction programs:

Debt Management Plans

This is where Peachtree negotiates directly with your creditors to lower interest rates and monthly payments. They distribute one monthly payment from you to your creditors.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Peachtree helps arrange a debt consolidation loan which rolls multiple debts into one personal loan with a lower interest rate. This simplifies payments.

Debt Settlement

Also called debt negotiation, Peachtree works out lump sum settlements to pay off your balances for less than owed.

Bankruptcy Assistance

If debts become completely unmanageable, Peachtree can advise on filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate eligible debt or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to restructure payments.

What Makes Peachtree Effective for Debt Relief

Peachtree Financial stands out from debt relief competitors in a few key ways:

  • Low, transparent fees – No hidden costs for programs. Average fees of 20% for debt settlement.
  • Free consultation – You can speak with a certified counselor to go over your situation at no cost.
  • Experienced counselors – Peachtree has decades of experience finding solutions.
  • Customized solutions – They match the debt relief approach to your specific needs.
  • Stop harassment – Get collector calls to stop settlements or consolidation.
  • Improve credit – Programs aim to get your credit score trending upward over time.
  • BBB accredited – Peachtree maintains ethical standards according to the Better Business Bureau.

What Debt Types Can Peachtree Help With?

Some of the common debt types Peachtree can provide relief for include:

  • Credit cards – Lower interest and payments.
  • Medical bills – Settle outstanding doctor and hospital bills.
  • Payday loans – Escape high-interest short-term lending.
  • Personal loans – Consolidate into a lower rate.
  • Student loans – Advise on repayment options or consolidation.
  • Back taxes – Settle IRS tax debt for less than owed.
  • And more – Mortgage, auto loans, business debt, etc.

Peachtree’s 4-Step Process for Debt Relief

If you decide to move forward, Peachtree follows this simplified 4 step process:

Step 1. Free Consultation

Speak with a counselor to discuss your financial goals and situation. Review debts owed and budget.

Step 2. Analyze debts and budget

Peachtree collects details on all creditors, balances, interest rates, and monthly surpluses.

Step 3. Recommend relief program

The counselor presents the best debt relief option with pros and cons. For example, a consolidation loan or settlement.

Step 4. Take action

Peachtree handles calls, applications, and negotiations with creditors to enact the recommended program.

They strive to make attaining debt relief as headache-free as possible for clients.

Tips to Get Started with Peachtree

If you’re considering seeking Peachtree’s help with finding debt relief, keep these tips in mind:

  • Gather debts, statements, and credit reports – Come prepared with details on what you owe.
  • Know your budget and monthly surplus – This helps determine affordable payment options.
  • Research Peachtree’s BBB rating and reviews – Confirm they have helped other clients successfully.
  • Be ready to discuss your unique situation – Open communication leads to ideal solutions.
  • Ask questions – Make sure you fully understand the recommended programs and process.

Is Peachtree Debt Relief Legit?

So based on their history of satisfied customers, longevity, ethical standing, and regulatory compliance, Peachtree Financial Solutions is considered one of the most legitimate options for debt relief services.

When researching any debt relief company, it’s wise to do your due diligence and make sure they are reputable. So is Peachtree Financial Solutions a legitimate provider that delivers results?

There are a few key indicators that Peachtree is one of the good guys:

  • BBB accredited with A+ rating –

Peachtree has maintained accreditation and the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau since 1997. The BBB thoroughly vets businesses.

  • Member of the AFCC

Peachtree belongs to the American Fair Credit Council, which promotes ethical practices in the debt relief industry.

  • Real customer reviews

Review sites like Trustpilot contain mainly positive reviews from actual Peachtree clients describing their experience.

  • Experienced

Founded in 1992, Peachtree has over 25 years of experience helping consumers find debt relief. Their longevity speaks to their effectiveness.

  • No advance fees

Peachtree does not charge any upfront fees for services, a sign of an ethical provider. They collect fees only as progress is made.

  • Compliance Focused

Peachtree stays in compliance with all state and federal regulations on credit counselling and debt relief.


If debt has become a dark cloud hanging over your finances, Peachtree Financial Solutions has the expertise and variety of programs to create your silver lining. Their customized debt relief plans account for your unique goals and situation.

Take the first step by scheduling a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and start feeling the relief that comes with tackling debt strategically. You can breathe easier knowing your finances are finally headed in a positive direction.



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