PayPal Digital Gift Cards US: How Digital Gift Cards from the PayPal Gifts Store Work

PayPal Digital Gift Cards US – You can easily buy and send gift cards to friends and family from varieties of top brands through PayPal, some of them are iTunes, Best Buy, Lowes, and so on.

PayPal Digital Gift Cards US

PayPal Digital Gift Cards US

Gift cards can be sold both through (US), the store on eBay (US), and also the store on Facebook Marketplace. If you are interested in making purchases through eBay or Facebook, it is necessary for you to have an eBay US or Facebook US account.

How To Buy And Send A Digital Gift Card Through PayPal

The process of buying and sending a digital gift card through PayPal is not a difficult one, once you are ready, you can follow the simple steps that are provided below:

  • Pay a visit to the PayPal store where you will have easy access to check through the range of gift cards that are for sale.
  • The next step is to choose the gift card you prefer to buy and also the value loaded onto it. Kindly note that if you are purchasing a gift card for someone else, you will be requested to provide the recipient’s email address, your name, and a brief message to forwarded alongside the gift.
  • After you have done this, you can then log in to PayPal to complete the process of your purchase

How Digital Gift Cards from the PayPal Gifts Store Work

The gift card will be presented in the form of a code that is being used to redeem the gift card. It will be emailed to you if you are making the purchase for yourself or for your recipient if it will be gifted. The emails you will receive will also instructions for you to redeem the gift card.

When Will You Receive Your Digital Gift Card?

Your order will be processed and you will be emailed and if you are sending it as a gift, your recipient will receive the email. Most times, it is sent within few hours but occasionally if there’s a delay, it doesn’t exceed 24 hours.

If you or your recipient have not gotten your gift card after 24 hours, check your email spam folder first and if it is still not there, you can contact the PayPal support team.

Is an Account With PayPal Needed to Buy a Gift Card?

That’s a definite Yes, an account with PayPal is necessary for you to be able to make purchases through the PayPal US site or our store on eBay US. On the other hand, an account with PayPal is not needed to purchase a gift card from the PayPal store on Facebook Marketplace.

Does My Recipient Need to Have a PayPal Account

That’s not necessary. PayPal only needs the recipient’s email address to forward the gift to them.

Can Multiple Gift Cards be Purchased in One Transaction?

You can buy multiple gift cards in one transaction but that can only be done through the PayPal US site or the PayPal store on eBay US.

In conclusion, it is necessary for you to be aware that Gift cards purchased on the US PayPal Gift store can only be redeemed within the US.


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