Pay with your Phone and Send Cash Using Google Pay

“Pay with your Phone and Send Cash Google Pay”. What is google pay? It will interest you to know that a lot of people haven’t heard or used google pay, can you imagine? What are you still waiting for, try the google pay on your phone and you will see the difference. Google pay works with your desktop, tablets, and phones, in addition, google won’t charge you a dine. In this article, we are focusing on how google pay can be used on your phone.

Google pay has become rampant as people are paying with their smartphones with ease, all thanks to the mobile payment services. The payment method of using your phone was developed by google on both android smartwatches and android smartphones. This simple payment portal app makes payments as easy as the palm of your hands.

Pay with your Phone and Send Cash Google Pay

Pay with your Phone and Send Cash Google Pay

Imagine going shopping with a full wallet, the danger of losing your wallet, if you carelessly drop it. Well, worry no more with just your phone you can get it all done effortlessly, with just a few taps on your phone, can you beat that. All you need do is to enter your bank account, or debit card to send money to family and friends.

You can also make purchases with your phone all you need do is to add your credit card to the account. This contactless payment has really helped even in this time of the pandemic where social distance is been practiced. Imagine if such a method was not invented, I wonder how we would be able to maintain the no-contact order in the market with different people exchanging money and goods. So in a way, google pay has really helped.

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About Google Pay

Formerly known as google wallet, google pay is an app that gives chance to android and iOS users to send money to and also receive money from family, friends, and loved ones through an electronic means. It was launched on September 11, 2018. Although the google pay from the rebranding of the old android pay and google wallet combined to form the google pay. The google pay uses near field communication (NFC) to transmit information of the card and to enhance funds transfer to the retailer.

Google Pay Review

The best part is that it is well secured because the customer payment information is kept private from the retailer. This is done by simply replacing your debit or credit card funding primary account number (FPAN) with a tokenized device’s primary account number (DPAN).  Although Android users have an edge, an added ability to be able to make purchases through sites such as google play and also make purchases from similar participating stores using payment accounts such as debit or credit cards that have been stored in the app.

How to Use Google Pay on your phone

Here are the tips needed to use google pay on your phone, they are listed below;

  • First off, ensure that the version of your phone is lollipop (5.0) or even higher.
  • Then, download google pay
  • After the download, open the google pay app and follow the instructions for the setup of the app
  • Select your payment method and ensure that the NFC of your phone is turned on
  • After the selection of your payment method
  • Follow the instruction to verify your payment method
  • You will be required to set up a screen lock on your phone. Google pay will also require a PIN, fingerprint, password, or retinae scanning screen locks.
  • Should you have another contactless payment app on your phone, ensure in your phone setting app, you make google pay the default payment app.

Take note, if your google pay app doesn’t appear on your screen after opening for the first time, it may be because is not on your phone’s main screen. to make it appear, go to your device settings, change the home screen setting to the drawer, or show all apps.

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