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Have you ever thought of an additional security service other than the police force in Canada and its province? A group of bodies that can offer to secure homes, companies, schools, and other private/public organizations. The Paladin Security was created as a security service to assist both the Canada police task force and the nation securing the lives and properties of citizens. They also accept new recruits hereby providing jobs to citizens.

Paladin Security

Paladin Security

The Paladin Security service is a Canadian governmental body organized and created to help secure lives and assets. The Paladin security head office is located in Vancouver, #201-3001 Wayburne Drive. You can connect to the Paladin Security service via its site, and also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

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Paladin Security Services

As they are known to be a security organization, they render security services. It is best you know the services they offer. I will be listing some services and sub-services under them.

Guard Services

Under the guard services, there are sub-sectional services they offer. They include:

  • Loss prevention: They offer loss prevention services to enhance customer experience. This service is done by specialist trained basically for it.
  • Mobile patrols: They provide mobile patrols around a designated site they are asked to secure. They are able-bodied and work in teams to move around cities, streets, and houses.
  • Supervisory & support structure: They have sectional offices from where you can access them for security plans.

System Technology

They render integrated security agile and reliable technology solutions to citizens. Paladin technology customizes integrated security solutions to meet the unique needs of the organization. They offer a strong partnership with clients. The services they render in this department are:

  • Access control systems.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Video services.
  • Operational centers.

Investigations & Risk Management

The Paladin security enjoys the most knowledge investigators in the industry, conducting a large scale in the investigation within corporate frameworks in Canada and across.

Emergency Management & Business Continuity

The Paladin security service conducts a risk assessment utilizing lenses relevant to organizations. Some of these assessments include:

  • Security plans.
  • Violence risk assessment.
  • Threat risk assessment.
  • Business impact assessment.
  • Hazard vulnerability risk assessment.
  • Individual risk assessment.
  • Fire risk assessment.
  • Biosecurity assessment.
  • Emergency service review.
  • Nautical and waterborne security.

Online Training for Security Guards

In addition to the service they render, they provide an online training institute. Below are the courses they educate recruits or registered personnel.

  • Workplace hazardous information sheets.
  • Retail loss prevention training.
  • Active shooter training.
  • Media relations.
  • Liability preventing and reporting.
  • Radio procedures.
  • Investigation and crime scene protection.
  • Workplace respect.
  • Patrol techniques and procedures.

There are many other courses you can access on the site These programs are to be registered for and also participated in online.

Paladin Features

The Paladin security service has great features in which they are found the best security service in Vancouver. Some of the features of this security service include:

  • They provide a higher standard of protection: The Paladin security service grants a high standard of protection done with their specially trained teams. There is no room for error as they are also armed.
  • Special event security: They can also be used as event security. They secure events such as; church gathering, weddings, etc.
  • Emergency response service: The unit is quick to respond to emergencies as they keep their team active for emergencies. You can connect with them using their contacts provided on the site.
  • Professional security officers: There are highly trained professionals. The officers they use for security will have to undergo a security course program so as to know the basics of security.
  • Healthcare patient watch training: In cases like health, the team is best for it. They can help secure patients under health threats and other threats.
  • Industry-leading training: They provide training to new recruits to educate them on the security job.
  • Client service: Also they can help secure a person or a family.

Paladin Security Employee Portal

Earlier said, the Paladin security service also grants employment as security personnel. You will have to register for courses under the department you would want to opt-in. Here is how you can register as an employee.

  • Go to the site
  • At the top-right edge, click on the employee portal.
  • Click on “First time user”
  • You will be redirected to a page where you can register using your state ID number.
  • A form will be opened to which you will have to fill in the required information.
  • Click on submit.
  • You will then have to wait for an email to direct you on what next to do.

After following the steps, you will be guided by Paladin security. You will take a course, maybe go for an interview, and finally get to work under the Paladin Security service.

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