Open a Gas Station Near Me – Apps to find Gas Stations Near Me

The topic for discussion today is “Open a Gas Station Near Me”. There are different gas stations all over the world but is always better for you to know the gas stations which are near you in case of emergencies. A countless number of drivers look for stations that still have fuel and at affordable prices. In this article, I  will be presenting you with a solution that I prefer to use whenever I need to locate any open gas station near me.

Open a Gas Station Near Me

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Open a Gas Station Near Me: Apps to find Gas Stations Near Me

There are various apps that you can use to locate the open gas station near you, here are some of the most useful apps and some information about them:

  • GasBuddy

The app is the most common app people use for finding gasoline at cheap rates. The GasBuddy app makes use of crowdsourcing – users to report the price data, so this is a good source of help to other users.

When you launch the  GasBuddy app,  you will be told the average reported price for your area, the lowest reported price. A list or plot of Gasoline Stations is given on a map; you can get directions and phone numbers and get to rate the stations. The GasBuddy app also gives you information on the last time the price was reported.

  • Gas Guru

The Gas Guru has the advantage of the fact its interface is very simple, this is very good for people who are consulting it quickly at any stoplight. The Gas Guru app makes a list of the best prices nearby, or plots them on a map, depending on your preference.

You can tap on the  “best nearby” button which will display the best price it can locate in your area. The prices listed on the Gas guru app are coded with colors to make it easy for you to understand, they are displayed in this way– yellow for good, green for best (and gray for not so great).

After you have located the nearest gas station on the Gas guru, you can easily check for directions to any station on either Google Maps or Apple Maps.

  • Mapquest Gas Prices

The MapQuest app has been available for a long time but it is still a great one. It gives you the lists of the best nearby prices or gives them as plots on a map, it also gives you the access to sort the display by price or by distance and you can search any location in it

There are also other great features which include giving you the access to search particularly for different types of fuel, giving you directions, and letting you come up with a list of favorite stations that you can quickly go through.

  • Fuelzee

The Fuelzee app has daily contests, and you can also get to earn points toward rewards by reporting prices and dropping comments.

On the Fuelzee app, you also can track your gasoline usage, this is a very good feature for people who wish to claim a tax deduction. and you can get notified of special deals nearby

  • Waze

The Waze app is very useful for navigation and crowdsourced traffic information. It is very good for getting estimated travel times. The Waze app gives price details, you can get this information by tapping on the search button. Note, more research can be done on Google.

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