Online Jobs for Students in College – Best Online Jobs For Students in 2022

When it comes to online jobs for students in college, the best opportunities provide solid pay, flexible hours, and the chance to acquire valuable experience. The last criteria is the most important one of these aforementioned three. While in college, the work you do can bolster both your skillset and your resume, helping you be more competitive in the job market (and make more money) upon graduation.

Online Jobs for Students in College

Online Jobs for Students in College

Fortunately, there are plenty of online jobs that check off all three of those boxes. In this article, we will list the best of the bunch. It should be noted that the two biggest online job marketplaces are Upwork and Fiverr. You can find all of the job opportunities on this list on one or both of those sites.

Writing And Editing

One of the most flexible types of online work for college students is writing and editing. No experience is required to get a writing or editing job, they’re open to every major, and you can fit most of them around your busy class schedule. Writing jobs look good on your resume, too; they show initiative and entrepreneurial drive, and they help you develop skills that’ll further your success in the workplace.

Freelance Writer

Businesses need good writing, but many don’t have time to update their blogs or write marketing materials. So they turn to freelancers for their content. Getting your first job can be difficult if you don’t have any experience.

Most freelance writers are hired on one website (Upwork), and the competition for work can be fierce. But once you have a couple of satisfied clients under your belt, getting good-paying jobs is fairly easy. Picking a niche will make this process even easier because you can use your existing knowledge to overcome your lack of experience.


Blogging provides fewer upfront earnings but much more scalability because you can write a post today and continue making money off of it forever. As a blogger, you own everything you produce and you can exploit many different types of revenue streams.

Additionally, it allows you to build authority and credibility within a niche, which can help you advance in your career field. One thing you need is a concept. There are millions of blogs covering every niche imaginable, and if you want to stand out you have to bring something unique to the table.

Fortunately, starting a blog is cheap and easy. All you will need is a web hosting account and a domain name, and you’ll need to spend a few minutes learning how to use WordPress, the main blogging platform.

Web Design, Development, And Maintenance

Websites are nearly mandatory for business success today, making web design, development, and maintenance services a lucrative online gig for students. It sounds intimidating, but the truth is that many potential clients have relatively low expectations — especially small businesses without a website.

These businesses would rather shell out good money to have a website built for them than allocate valuable time learning how to build a website themselves. With these types of projects, you typically won’t need to build a website from scratch.

Clients will pay you to set them up with a WordPress blog or a Shopify store, which are essentially turn-key solutions — all you have to do is customize the design to their specifications.

A great way to demonstrate your potential to clients is by creating your own website and making it look good. This provides a way for clients to contact you, but they can also observe your web design/development talents first-hand.

Graphic Design And Visual Arts

Graphic design and visual arts, alongside gigs such as writing and web development, is one of the most popular and accessible online jobs you can start as a student. You can make simple logos for a few bucks, or you can take on more complex projects such as marketing brochures.

Video Production

Photography and film students can leverage their skills and knowledge into a video production role. Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the internet, so there are plenty of opportunities here. You’ll need to know the basics of video production and editing.

Being artistic, detail-oriented, and having a knack for storytelling will also be helpful. Of course, you also need video editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro is the go-to solution, and while it’s expensive, you may have free or discounted access to the Adobe Creative Suite through your college or university.

A video portfolio will help you land clients. Photography and videography majors can likely leverage past coursework. If you aren’t in one of these majors, you can create some samples from scratch. As with writing, clients care more about what you can do than your qualifications or past clients.

Audio And Music Production

As recently as the turn of the century, the overwhelming majority of professional audio production took place in multi-million-dollar recording studios, and producers needed to know how to leverage massive soundboards and other highly technical equipment.

But today, all you need is a MacBook, some relatively inexpensive software, a little bit of equipment, and a little bit of know-how. You can easily do this work from your dorm room, your parents’ house, or wherever you happen to be. And if you’re talented, the pay can be pretty good.

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