Numerica Union Credit Card: All You Need to Know

Getting a credit card that fixes our needs in today’s world can be tiring due to the many options available. It is essential to pick a card that has low fees, a friendly user experience, and good Interest rates. With the Numerica Union Credit Card, your search is over.

Numerica Union Credit Card
Numerica Union Credit Card

This card is an attractive option for anyone looking for trust and credit rewards. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about this credit card.

How Does The Numerica Union Credit Card Works

The Numerica Union Credit Card is issued by Numerica Credit Union, a non-for-profit financial institution based in Spokane Valley, Washington.

It is owned by its members whose primary focus is value and exceptional service, rather than creating value for shareholders in their institute. Because of this approach, they have lower/better rates and better terms on their credit.

Numerica Union Credit Card Rewards Program

One of the particular features of the Numerica Union Credit Card is its truthful and realistic coins against coverage. With the Cash Rewards Visa card, you get an amazing 1.5% cash back on all purchases without an annual price. This implies that whether you’re shopping, filling up the gasoline tank, or buying online, you’ll get cash again on every occasion you pull over.

Unlike some credit cards that offer complicated spending categories or revolving bonuses, the Numerica Union Credit Card keeps things simple. You don’t have to worry about managing different categories or remembering to activate quarterly – use your card as usual, and check for your piled-up cash back.

Interest Rates and Low Fees

In addition to the attractive rewards program, the Numerica Union Credit Card gives competitive interest fees and occasional costs. As a credit union, Numerica is normally capable of providing decreased interest fees as compared to main bank issuers. The interest rate is based on your type of card and how you spend.

  • For Visa platinum, a purchase rate of 13.49% to 22.49% will give you a cash advance rate of 16.49% to 25.49%
  • For Visa Platinum, a purchase rate of 18.49% to 18.49% will give you a cash advance rate of 21.49% to 21.49%.

Each interest and cost depends on the type of card and how much you spend. Furthermore, maximum Numerica Union Credit Cards, which include the Cash Rewards Visa, do not fee an annual charge. In this way, you may enjoy the benefits of the card while not having to fear a further routine value. With no annual charge in some cards, the cash-back rewards you earn efficiently grow to be a natural financial savings for your pocket.

Numerica Credit Union Eligibility and Requirements

To turn out and be eligible for a Numerica Union Credit Card, you’ll need to meet the credit score union’s club requirements. Fortunately, Numerica has an exceedingly open club coverage, making it easier for people residing or running in eastern Washington or northern Idaho to sign up.

Membership eligibility is normally primarily based on the elements:

  • Residing or operating within the credit union’s provider place.
  • Being a member of the family of a current Numerica member.
  • Belonging to positive corporations or agency groups.

Once you end up as a member of Numerica Credit Union, you can begin to take benefit of the numerous benefits they provide, which include the Cash Rewards Visa card.

How to Apply for Your Numerica Union Credit Card

Applying for a Numerica Union Credit Card is a straightforward method that may be finished either in-person at their department vicinity or online through their internet site. During the utility approach, you will be asked to provide data such as your name, address, employment data, and profits.

Numerica will evaluate your software and credit rating history to decide your creditworthiness and the proper credit restrictions in your account. If accredited, you’ll acquire your new Numerica Union Credit Card in the mail. Prepare to use it for your normal purchases and begin to accumulate your cashback rewards.

Managing Your Account: Activation, Payments, And Online Access

Once you get hold of your new Numerica Union Credit Card, step one is to set it off before you can start the use of it. This process is typically short and easy. You may activate your card online, over the phone, or at a Numerica department area.

To get your new Numerica credit union card up and running, you’ll need to activate it first. Simply call the designated activation hotline at 855-477-1140 and follow the automated prompts to activate your card over the phone.

If your card is ever lost, or stolen or you suspect fraudulent activity, immediately report it by calling the fraud hotline at 800-433-1837. This same hotline number can be used to temporarily freeze or unfreeze your card as needed for security purposes.

For general inquiries about your credit card account, such as asking about your available credit, making a payment, or exploring additional card services, you can reach out to the main customer service line at 800-433-1837. Alternatively, you can find FAQs and manage your account online through Numerica’s website or mobile app.

How To Make Payments With Your Numerica Union Credit Card

To make payments, you have numerous handy options such as:

At Numerica Credit Union, we aim to make loan and credit card payments as convenient as possible for our members.

With a variety of payment options available, you can choose the method that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. Here’s an overview of the different ways you can make payments on your Numerica loans or credit cards:

Online Banking and Mobile App:

Log in to your online banking account or the mobile app, navigate to the transfer section, and schedule a payment from your Numerica accounts.

You can set up one-time or recurring payments, adjust the amount and due date, and even enjoy a potential interest rate discount on eligible loans by setting up automatic recurring payments.

External Account Transfer:

Link your accounts from other financial institutions to your Numerica online banking or mobile app. This allows you to seamlessly transfer funds from those external accounts to make loan or credit card payments.

Online Payment Portal:

For credit card payments specifically, you can use our secure online payment portal to make quick, one-time payments from a bank account or debit card at another financial institution. Please note that service fees may apply.

Phone Banking:

Give us a call at 800.433.1837, and our friendly representatives can assist you in making payments from your Numerica accounts or setting up recurring payments from external accounts. Debit card payments from other institutions are also accepted over the phone, with potential service fees.

In-Branch Visits:

Stop by any of our convenient branch locations, and our tellers will be happy to process your loan or credit card payment from your Numerica accounts or help you set up recurring payments from other financial institutions.

Numerica ATMs:

At our ATM machines, you can utilize the “electronic payment” feature to make payments directly from your Numerica accounts toward your loans or credit cards.


For loan payments, you can request payment coupons and mail in checks using the provided envelopes. For credit card payments, simply detach the payment slip from your monthly statement and mail it along with your check or money order.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, Numerica Credit Union is here to ensure you make your payment with ease.


The Numerica Union Credit Card offers a compelling mixture of rewards, low prices, and competitive hobby rates. This makes it an attractive desire for absolutely everyone seeking a dependable and rewarding credit scorecard.

With its truthful cashback software, and the benefits of being a credit union member. This card is an excellent addition to your pockets.



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