Nintendo Switch Software Update 12.1.0: Nintendo Switch Pro Price and Availability

The Nintendo Switch latest Software update 12.1.0 allows users to clear space for the game software updates. Nintendo recently announced an interesting new update for their popular Switch game console. The major change in the software update takes the Switch to version 12.1.0.

Nintendo Switch Software Update 12.1.0

This means users get to delete old data from their console. Nintendo stated that if there is more than enough space data, users get to delete old data for that software in other to enable downloading of the amazing new data.

Nintendo Switch Software Update 12.1.0

However, when the users delete their old data, they would not be able to play games until the new data has completed their download. The system update comes with other unspecified general system stability improvements in other to further enhance the gameplay experience. Nintendo’s latest software was distributed on July 5, 2021.

Nintendo Switch System Update

In most situations, the Switch console would automatically download the system update when it is online. However, users get to verify the current system version that they are making use of. Or manually start the update from the systems Settings menu if needed.

That data can be located right under the system settings. The system, with system update at the top, and the current software version that the console is running would be shown below.

Nintendo Switch Pro Price and Availability

The Nintendo Switch has mostly been unchanged ever since it debuted years ago. Rumors stated that the new Nintendo Switch Pro might be coming later this year. as of last month, alleged information on the Switch Pro was leaked by a French retailer that offered alleged data on Pricing and release date. As stated in the leak, the Switch Pro is expected to launch at a price of around €400.

That Price is would be only a little more than the €330 original Switch cost. If gets converted to dollars, the Switch Pro would retail for around $370. That particular rumor needs to be taken with tons of salt as it also alleged the console could’ve released as early as June 4, which did not happen.


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