Nigeria Lifts Twitter Ban after They Consented To Government Demands

Nigeria lifts the Twitter ban after they consented to government demands. Nigeria has lifted its prohibition on Twitter, first instated on June fifth, 2021. The Nigerian government says Twitter has consented to fulfill its needs in general, as per a report from CNN.

Nigeria Lifts Twitter Ban after They Consented To Government Demands

These remember Twitter opening a nearby office for Nigeria, tending to worries over its expense installments, and “overseeing denied distribution in accordance with Nigerian law.”

Nigeria Lifts Twitter Ban after They Consented To Government Demands

This last condition is especially significant, as the first boycott was denounced by numerous global offices as a demonstration of control.

The Nigerian government prohibited Twitter in 2021 only days after the organization erased a tweet by the nation’s leader, Muhammadu Buhari that undermined secessionists in Nigeria’s southeast area.

Some had deciphered the tweet as an undermining massacre for its reference to the Nigerian common conflict of the 1960s.

Nigeria Accused Twitter of Helping Spread Fake News

At that point, the Nigerian government said the evacuation of the tweet was “baffling,” yet that different reasons calculated into the choice to boycott Twitter, including its spread of “falsehood and phony news.” Many countries, including the UK, Canada, the US, and the EU individuals denounced the boycott.

Twitter has recently assumed a significant part in common developments in Nigeria, including assisting with assembling the EndSARS challenges police savagery. It’s not satisfactory whether Twitter’s return is then predicated on more tight government control.

The Approval to Lift Ban Was Given By the President

In an assertion given by Nigeria’s innovation office, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the endorsement to lift the boycott was given by President Buhari.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) guides me to illuminate the public that President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has endorsed the lifting of the suspension of Twitter activity in Nigeria successful from 12 am this evening, thirteenth January 2022,” said the assertion, as detailed by TechCrunch.

The assertion says Twitter will make “a legitimate element in Nigeria during the principal quarter of 2022,” and that the organization has “consented to follow relevant assessment commitments on its tasks under Nigerian law.”

Twitter will likewise “enlist Nigeria in its Partner Support and Law Enforcement Portals,” which gives police devices to ask for and hold information on clients.

Twitter Agreed to Act In Respect to Nigerian Laws

As per the assertion: “Twitter has consented to act with an aware affirmation of Nigerian laws and the public culture and history on which such regulation has been constructed and work with the FGN and the more extensive industry to foster Code of Conduct in accordance with worldwide prescribed procedures, pertinent in practically totally created nations.” Twitter is yet to remark.


Twitter is an online information and interpersonal interaction webpage where individuals impart in short messages called tweets. Tweeting is posting short directives for any individual who follows you on Twitter, with the expectation that your words are helpful and fascinating to somebody in your crowd.

Features of Twitter

Below are some of the features of Twitter;

  • Enable grouping of friends and followers.
  • AutoComplete in Tweets.
  • Text links in tweets.
  • Tweets-threading.
  • Allow Tweets directed to a group of people (“group tweet”).
  • Display metadata through hover tooltips.
  • Use the sidebar more effectively to display information.
  • Add a page that displays tweets mentioning your username.
  • Highlight specific users, deemphasize others in the feed.
  • Add a Built-in URL shortener.

Twitter has a 140-character breaking point to its posts, along these lines, clients should type tweets briefly. Clients can’t tweet recordings from transferring. Clients can permit sending a limit of 1000 tweets per day.


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