New Game Mode Added to Infinite Cyber Showdown Event

New Game Mode Added to Infinite Cyber Showdown Event. Halo infinite Franchised just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching Halo Infinite, the sixth installment in the game series, in December 2021.

New Game Mode Added to Infinite Cyber Showdown Event

This makes Halo not just the only one of the longest-running titles but also one of the frequently acquire new updates and new modes. As of last week, the current developer of halo 4 industries released a teaser on Twitter, showing a glimpse of a new event, and this week it would be heading live.

New Game Mode Added to Infinite Cyber Showdown Event

Starting this week, the 343 industries would be launching their new event that is given the name Showdown that brings sick neon costumes and gear, new attrition mode, and about ten royal pass challenges would enable them to unlock otherwise paid rewards entirely for free. This event is expected to head live starting on the 18 of January and January 31, 2022.

Cyberpunk Outfits and New Attrition Mode

With the new features in Halo Infinite, Cyber Showdown is brought in a new neon holographic mohawk that is starting from the spartans’ helmets. To add, a digital visor protrudes out in front of the supersoldiers’ eyes for a much better vision and tactical advantage. Halo Infinite leaks and Twitter accounts leaked all these leaks earlier this week. And the official update states that the leaks are on point. A range of attires and mods were also tipped, but it is yet to enter the game.

The new slayer mode goes by the name Attrition and it adds a new spin to the 4V4 deathmatches. In the attrition, a limited number of lives were shared across the team instead of just being limited to one payer. The mode’s objective is to eliminate the enemy team and the entire life pool while trying to revive your teammates that have been taken down near the orb at the spot where they got killed. Just as expected, the team that gets to outlive the other time would be victorious.

Royal Pass Rewards Challenges

As many as ten rewards are available for players to get, and each of the challenges are available for the next couple of weeks until the event goes live. Those rewards happen to be a part of the Halo Infinite’s Free-to-play royal pass benefits, which was upgraded recently by the developer studio as a response to the initial revolt following the launch of last month’s game.

Just as all these challenges remain a part of Attrition mode so are the players that will not have to undertake a different types of daily challenges to move forward in the game pass. Kotaku states that although you get to earn XP for completing these challenges, the converse would not stay true. There would be no progress in the event by just simply acquiring XP.

Plus, you would be able to make some exchange to some daily challenges with those that happen to be related to the cyber Showdown event but you are not bound by restrictions to complete at least a minimum or a maximum amount of challenges every day, and this stands as an advantage to gamers.


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