New Encrypted Calls and Messages Feature Now on Facebook Messenger

New encrypted calls and messages feature now available Facebook messenger. Some years after Facebook decided to roll out the end-to-end encryption for text-based chats comes a welcome update: end-to-end encrypted video and voice calls.

New Encrypted Calls and Messages Feature Now on Facebook Messenger

New Encrypted Call and Messages Feature Now on Facebook Messenger

With this interesting new feature, users get to make more secure calls right through Facebook Messenger, offering them an alternative to WhatsApp and other similar platforms. Facebook also decided to add some interesting new messenger text features for encrypted users, as well as offering some interesting new previews of what has in store for the users.

To add to the interesting new end-to-end encrypted calls feature. Facebook Messenger has also been updated to offer more users more control over the disappearing messages function. When it comes to privacy-centric messaging apps, users that would turn on the end-to-end encrypted messaging feature also get to enable disappearing messages.

How New Messenger Feature Works

Users would be able to choose the duration of five seconds to 24 hours for messages that are disappearing. Ensuring they do not get to hang around in chat much longer than is required. Users should also be expecting other new features in messenger that are end-to-end encrypted group calls and video chats within the app.

As stated by Facebook, some of the users might be offered access to this interesting new capability in the coming weeks. Though the company did not exactly talk about how many people would get included in this test and when it would be rolling out more broadly. Some Instagram users should also expect to see the new feature as a part of a test.

New End-to-End Encryption Feature on Instagram

Facebook Stated that Instagram users would eventually be able to opt right into the end-to-end encryption for DMs. Some adult users in “certain countries” are already making use of this feature, and it is similar to the option that is found right on the messenger. Again, no details concerning the widespread availability were offered.


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