MyUS Shipping: How to Sign Up For MyUS Shipping

What is MyUS shipping? Are you in another country wanting to get some stuff shipped from the US? If yes, then you are in the right place. Using the MyUS store, you can get anything shipped from US online stores at any time and any place in the world. It is a big company which has being on the ground for 2 decades and has a lot of experience. So, it is safe, secured, and reliable.

MyUS shipping

MyUS Shipping

This company has over 6 million members around the globe. Besides, they have a good membership cost which could be paid monthly or annually. Some people might take it for a scam but it’s not, it’s 100% safe and good. For you to shop online through MyUS login, you are being given a US shipping address to get an order placed with only US Online.

How to Sign Up For MyUS

Through the MyUS platform, people have to be able to get their orders shipped from the US down to anywhere in the world except if you have no network service available on your device. To register is free except for the membership which is of two types: the premium and business where the latter runs at $10 monthly. The former could be paid monthly and annually which is $7 and $60 respectively. Signing up for a MyUS account is as follows:

  • Launch your browser and go to the MyUS homepage and click on the signup button
  • A new MyUS shipping address will be issued to you, so with the new MyUS shipping address start shopping on a different US store
  • Run a check out on things you have placed an order on and note that your ‘ship to address is actually your MyUS address
  • Then, finally, you ship it.

Before you get to ship finally, your carrier and ship method as well as customized shipping options. You would also be charged by carrier through taxes of which FedEx, DHL, or UPS will get you notified. Sometimes, people wonder if MyUS opens packages sent to them. Well, the answer is yes, as all packages are opened as it enters the box.

Features of MyUS

It is not surprising how millions of people use this platform to get things shipped down to them. Due to its fast and easy way to get things done has to be their passion. It is in their best to always put a smile on the face of their customers. There are awesome features and benefits to gain from this platform. If you get to sign up for a MyUS account, you are entitled to a carrier discount as exclusive low rates would be added.

It may seem tiring launching the browser and logging on to their website each time you want to place an order. To save that stress, they have come with an application with a sophisticated UI having more than what has to be in the webpage and well arranged. With one click, you can create a ship request, get notifications, and upload invoices.

They are well known for their quick delivery as they work round the clock to make sure your goods are delivered as quickly as possible. Besides, before goods get delivered to you, they are opened and inspected, and checked for wrong packaging. Due to their customs and compliance, the export paperwork is well prepared for you and things get the ship to you safe and secured of which most companies can’t do.


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