Microsoft Surface Duo Review: Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Duo

Heard of the Microsoft Surface Duo? In this article, I will be providing you with the Microsoft Surface Duo Review. This device is unlike other devices as it comes in dual-screen parts allowing users to access two different applications at a time. Works like every other device but inclusive of additional features like the 360-degree rotation mode. There is a lot you would get to know about this device as you read more on this article.

Microsoft Surface Duo Review

Microsoft Surface Duo Review

Microsoft (Microsoft Surface Duo Review) has been made work yet in a progress device named the Microsoft Surface Duo. This device is one of the top listed expensive yet worth it devices currently. It comes in a double-sided screen and has strong battery capacity for a long usage period. Each screen comes in a 4.8mm thin which is simply remarkable. Not left out, there is an amazing feature to which users may prefer purchasing this mobile rather than a few other devices.

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Pros of Microsoft Surface Duo

Here are the best and amazing parts of using the Microsoft Surface Duo:

  • Luxurious build quality.
  • Impossibly and wonderfully thin.
  • Smart application management software.
  • The hinge is perfectly engineered.

Cons of Microsoft Surface Duo

The device has few glitches referred to as cons, they include:

  • Steep learning curve.
  • Buggy software (still).
  • Design compromises.


There is a pair of 5.6-inch AMOLED display which makes up the Duo, with each part a resolution of 1800*1350 at 401 pixels per inch. This was titled PixelSense Fusion display by the Microsoft marketing team for some reason. Jointly, they both form an 8.1-inch tablet with a resolution of 2700*1800. It is covered by a Corning’s Gorilla Glass, with a deep and dark screen and crisp contrast. A continuous torque system allows users to fold the device 360-degrees into any position including the flat as a tablet; folded like a book; completely opened or closed; and propped up like a tent.

Additionally, there is a special mode; open it just a crack, and you will see that it shows you current time and date. The device can be stopped at any point in the 360-degree, which means that you can make the tent shorter and squatter if the user is tall, or more acute if your tabletop is at eye level.

Using the Surface Duo

Just as the name includes “Duo”, there is a two-screen compartment of the device. You can either use the supported apps for both screens each or you can make use of one app per screen. Likewise, you can move a window from one screen to another by dragging it from the bottom and flinging it across the divide, an action that’s totally mesmerizing. Details like this litter the device interface, displaying the attention to detail Microsoft lavished on this device. Considering the line of quick-launch icons that can stretch across both screen bottom.

On the button aspect, the right screen has a volume rocker, a power button, and a biometric reader in a dent that is located under your right thumb. This gives the Duo a little vibration when it is picked up, as the device notices you and hints that sits raring to go.


Microsoft Duo operates on Android 10 with a bit of Microsoft thrown in. Microsoft worked with Google’s team of software engineers to create some special features. A new icon type groups a pair of applications and launches them simultaneously side by side one per screen.

The big feature is its dual-screen support: Aside from using both apps on each screen, you can also expand an app to fill both screens by dragging it from the bottom to the hinge. It also includes a smart keyboard for this device into SwiftKey, which can swap between single thumb, dual thumb, and full-screen modes.


It includes a featured single-camera: An 11-megapixel sensor with a basic 7/2.0 aperture, very small pixels, and no OIS (optical image stabilization). There is also the availability of 4K 60 fps video, slow-motion video display support, panorama and portrait modes with a digital zoom adjustable to 7x.


The Microsoft Duo operates last year released Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform. Has a 6GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB worth of storage depending on your choice or amount.

Battery life

This device is a very wise choice on mobile devices based on reasons inclusive of its 3,577mAh battery which is split over the two different sides of the device. With this, users can get up to 27 hours of talk time and less based on the activities you are unto. It also comes with an 18-watt fast charger which is best for powering up the device in a safe charge process.


The deice – Microsoft Duo is functionally distinctive as well as expensive to get. But yet has a lot of amazing features and yet promising features. Comes with a double screen usage, allowing users to check-in two different applications. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching movies as well as chatting or making other activities? The device is still being worked upon and there is a lot to do on it.

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