Microsoft Edge – Download The Microsoft Edge Browser For Free On Your Device

What is Microsoft edge? Microsoft Edge is an internet browser and I know that you know about this already. Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular and most used internet browsers. This very internet browser has often been mistaken by users to the internet explorer browser. Whether the Microsoft edge and the internet explorer are the same still remains a huge topic for discussion. Both platforms have not been explained clearly o users and so they just assume that they are both the same. Well in the course of this article, I will be telling you more about the Microsoft Edge browser, its features, and how you can download it across devices. Therefore to get the specific information you want, you need to continue reading.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge web browser was introduced with the launch of windows 10. Internet explorer however was the previous default browser of Microsoft. This move does not mean that the internet explorer web browser would be going away. This very browser is still very much around and available to apps that make use of it. Therefore one can therefore say that when both browsers may be developed by the same developer they are very much different.

Now enough of the comparison, what really is the Microsoft Edge web browser, and what makes this very browser different from what we have seen before? Nice question. It’s no doubt that there are many web browsers in the world today. At most times choosing a default web browser might prove to be problematic. Well personally, I just go direct in selecting one, and do you know why? Most of the web browsers all offer the same thing. There is no variety in their services and it’s really not good.

The Microsoft edge brings something new to the table with its features. This very web browser provides everything other web browsers offer and even more. It’s not that the Microsoft Edge browser is magical in any way. This very web browser still allows you to access and browse through your favorite web sites and pages for free. This web browser however offers a sleeker and a more modern look which makes it easier to search with among other many new features.

Microsoft Edge Features

Since this web browser is very famous, what are the features that make it worth making use of? This web browser was rebuilt to bring back the variety, world-class compatibility, and performance we are all used to. This newly designed web browser also features never seen before security and privacy features that you deserve to bring you the very best of what the World Wide Web has to offer. One of the features of this newly improved web browser is the speed it offers. Unlike other web browsers and previous versions, this very web browser is fast and works perfectly with all your favorite sites and web extensions.

The new browser also comes with a new design and a new icon. When getting started with the browser, the transition process is a seamless one. You get to almost immediately import your favorites, passwords, and others from other browsers. Therefore you don’t need to switch between browsers as you can get everything you want in one place. with the in-built and band new features like the collections, leaning, and accessibility tools, this browser is designed to help you get things done just the way you like and want it.

This browser works just the way you do. And one of the features of this browser I love so much is the privacy and security features. This feature is my personal favorite. Other features on the platform also give you control over the way you expend your data. You also get to stay private with the private browser feature here on Microsoft edge.

Microsoft Edge For Android

The newly designed Microsoft Edge browser is not just designed for desktop systems running Windows operating systems. Mobile device users can also get this web browser on their devices and have access to their favorite webpages. Downloading this app for your android device is very easy and download is also for free. You can download this app from the Microsoft Edge web page here. Or you can choose to download it from the Google play store on your android smartphone or tablet. To download this app from the Google play store, search for Microsoft Edge using the search bar on the Google play store. Tap on the install button on the app description age and that’s it. The download process will begin immediately.

Microsoft Edge Offline Installer

This web browser is available for installation on the free across devices both offline and online. To download this browser on your device, go to Microsoft Edge. On this page, you will have to select your operating systems, such as Android, Microsoft, iOS, or mac. After selecting your devices operating systems, follow the on-screen instructions to successfully download.


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