Microsoft Azure – What Is Microsoft Azure And What Is It Used For

What is Microsoft Azure and what is it used for? This has been one of the most asked questions about the platform. as it seems that quite a large number of persons do not understand it to the fullest or a slight idea of what it is. The Microsoft Azure platform has always been referred to as the platform with limitless potential and unlimited possibilities. Well, how true is this and what does it mean when they say it has unlimited possibilities. Is it a super engine, platform, or what? If you would really love to find out, then you have no choice but to continue reading the contents of this article.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure platform and tool is a business tool. So what does this tool has to do with my business or how can it help, should be the next question on your mind right now. Azure as it mostly called is a public cloud computing platform. Many businesses and brands have been making use of this platform in growing their businesses at one point in time or the other. Microsoft Azure provides solutions to businesses in the form of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

These services offered by this cloud computing platform can be used for analytics. Also, storage, virtual computing, networking and so much more as long as it is business-oriented. If you are running a firm or you are running a business that is modern-day oriented, then you need the services of this platform. This platform and its services can either be used to replace or supplement your on-premise servers. This platform is the perfect backup and disaster recovery tool due to its flexibility and advanced site recovery features.

What Is Microsoft Azure Used For

Now that you know what the Microsoft Azure platform is. You should at least have an idea as to what it is used for. But on the other hand, if you don’t know or still don’t have a full grasp of what it used for, here is a further explanation for you. Azure is a very flexible, open, reliable, global, and economical cloud computing platform and option for you and your business. With the features of this very platform, there are none like it.

It is simply the best in the market right now and if you haven’t started making use of this platform and its features for your business, then it is high time you do. This tool will not only help enhance and implement various backup and disaster recovery options for you and your business but it will also help you host and develop web and mobile apps, distribute and supplement active directory and lastly innovate with IoT industry solutions.

The previous paragraph highlights what Microsoft azure is used for as a cloud computing platform. And as you can clearly see the platform is way more than just cloud computing. The platform has and offers a huge potential that users can utilize and maximize in any way they deem fit. Now that you have also learned what the Microsoft azure tool and product is used for. And you feel impressed with what you have learned so far, it’s time to get started with the platform. But before that, it is only right you know about the pricing on the platform. and yes, making use of the services of the platform is not free.

Microsoft Azure Pricing

The services of this product and tool as you may have known by now are not for free. In order to make use of this platform and its services, you will have to pay for it. Just like most cloud-based computing platforms, Microsoft Azure has it’s own built-in payment and subscription model. And this very model is on a pay per use basis. In general terms, the pricing of this platform and its services is complex. Each solution provided by azure is made up of various services and each of these services has its own costs. In order to get the concept of azure pricing. You will however then have to combine the costs of these services.

For every piece of service offered by azure, the price is determined as measured service. And on this platform, not all services are the same. Meaning the hourly costs of each service will be calculated differently. In other words, the more of the resources you use on this platform, the more you pay. To easily get the pricing of the Azure platform, you will have to make use of the azure pricing calculator. To get access to this calculator, go here. On the calculator page. You will be directed and guided on how to sum up the cost of the services used by you on the platform.


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