Medical Transport Insurance: What Does Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance Cover?

Speaking of Medical Transport Insurance, if you are a non-emergency medical transport business you may have experienced that insurance coverage is special and somewhat limited to your company. If this is your case, you should try Balsiger Insurance.

As a result of medical and technological advances that have developed over the last decades, individuals all over the world are now living longer and healthier. The simple truth is that they have more active lives. Even those who are aged or disabled are now very much more mobile than ever before.

Medical Transport Insurance – Does insurance cover medical transportation?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is a transportation service that is provided for those who need transportation from certain medical appointments and if it meets the criteria of being a medical necessity then insurance or Medicare will cover all part of the cost of non-emergency medical transportation.

What Does Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance Cover?

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance as a matter of fact covers a lot of things. Below are some of the most important.

  • General liability coverage
  • Workers’ compensation coverage
  • Auto liability and physical damage coverage
  • Professional liability coverage and so on.

General Liability coverage

This protects you from the kind of legal actions any business might face from a third party. It could be bodily injuries, property damage, libel, copyright infringement, slander, and so on.

Workers Compensation Coverage

This covers the cost of medical expenses and wage replacement that may arise in case an employee sustains an injury in the line of work. This is an important type of coverage because it covers both the employee and the employer.

Auto Liability and Physical Damage Coverage

This is familiar to everyone who owns or operates a vehicle. The coverage protects you against the costs to repair or replace properties damaged or destroyed in a collision for which your company is responsible.

Professional Liability Coverage

This insurance covers you against legal claims of negligence or other fallings that arise out of your personal services. In other words, it covers your legal fees and costs should a driver, an employee, or a company officer be liable for

  • Impaired or negligent driving
  • Mistakes or omissions of care
  • Providing negligent survives
  • And failure to fulfill contractual agreements

That’s pretty much everything for this article and we are rounding up. Do not forget to check Balsiger insurance if you are looking for Medical Transport insurance. Good Luck!


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