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Is there a mass email in Gmail? Does Gmail support a mass email function? This is a very popular question that is currently on the lips of every Gmail user out there. Like I mean, they want to know. Therefore if you are reading this article right now, it simply means that you have decided to send bulk emails with the Google mail or Gmail. If you are one of these persons then you are in the right place. In this article you will learn the truth about sending mass emails with Gmail, it is true or not. And on the other hand, if it is true, how do you send mass emails with the Google emailing service.

Mass Email In Gmail

Mass Email In Gmail

Google mail or Gmail is no doubt by far one of the best emailing service platforms in the world currently. This platform can also be easily argued as the best emailing tool currently in the world. With the Google mail service, the reaches of users are numerous. There are things that you cannot do ordinarily on other platforms that you can do here.

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Now enough on Gmail, since you are reading this article already, I bet you know what Gmail is and how you could access it. To, therefore, answer the question that everyone has been waiting for, does Gmail support a mass email function or service? The answer to this question is very straight forward. Yes, you can send bulk messaged with Gmail.

Now on to the next question, but this time I will be doing the asking and here it is. Do you know how to send bulk messages with Gmail? If you don’t know how to send bulk messages with Gmail, you have nothing to worry about. I will be outing you through all the steps required in sending bulk messages in Gmail and you will be amazed at how simple it really is.

Gmail Bulk Messages

To take us further in this article, what is Gmail bulk message? Or what are bulk messages rather? Bulk messages are a service that enables a user to send a large number of SMS messages to a large audience all at once. The idea of sending 500 emails to 500 persons is tiring thinking about it alone. How about you try carrying out the task? I don’t want to even think about it. What if I tell you that there is a way that will actually enable you to send a large number of messages all at once? Yes, this is very much possible via the Gmail bulk messages feature.

This feature lets you send a large number of emails all at once to various contacts or to a particular contact. Imagine running an organization and sending emails or messages one at a time. Doing this is not really ideal as it may cost you both time and resources. Various companies and enterprises are already making use of this feature and if you haven’t started making use of it already then you need to start making use of it

How To Send Bulk Emails With Gmail

Sending bulk emails with Gmail is so easy but only if you know how to. To send bulk emails and messages with Gmail, follow the steps below;

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  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Next, click on the compose button on the left column.
  • Click on ‘to’ and then a menu with different options will pop up.
  • Select where you will send your messages to either my contacts or all contacts.
  • After selecting all the contacts you can also delete the ones that you don’t want.
  • After selecting and deleting, click on select.
  • Lastly, enter your subject and then your message content and then send.

And that’s it; you have just successfully sent a bulk message using Gmail.

Gmail Mass Email Limit

Now that you know that you can send bulk emails with Gmail, do you know of Gmail’s reach? This aspect is also important when it comes to sending bulk emails using Gmail. When it comes to sending bulk messages with Gmail, there is a limit. Once you reach this limit, you will be warned that you cannot send any more messages on the platform for some time, the next day to be precise. The mass email limit on this platform is 500 for every 24 hours.

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